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Fiverr Skill Tests for Illustrators

I recently noticed there are tests, and when editing my gigs, they even suggest that some tests are required.

But none of the software tests (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc) are really suitable for illustrators-- we are NOT designers, we are illustrators.

Illustrators don’t normally use software designers use. Adobe Photoshop and/ or Adobe Illustrator are not designed for illustrations.

Illustrators would be using softwares such as Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI, ArtRage or stuff like that.
In which, Clip Studio Paint is the industry standard for drawing manga and anime styled illustrations.

Is there a way for us to give this feedback to the testing team?


The only way that you can leave feedback for the team that creates the tests (using a method on this site) is through the feedback option at the end of a particular test I think (I think only if you’ve passed the test). The tests are created through another site (expertratinginc . com I think) as far as I know.

eg. so maybe if you passed the photoshop/illustrator test you could leave feedback afterwards that you think a test of using another app would be better for illustrators. Or maybe go to the other site mentioned and click to contact to suggest a test on the other software.