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Fiverr skill tests should remove

A leading freelance Marketplace ****** has decided to not taking skill test and to remove pre-existing skill test badges on seller profile .That is good decision for new freelancers as i think?
So what you all community members think fiverr should also take same decision like that?

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I believe the skills tests should say. If someone is going to claim to be a certain level speaker of a language, they should be able to back it up. Back when I had a Chinese translation gig, I revealed my 10/10 on all three of the English to Chinese tests. It gave me credibility so that buyers didn’t have to vet me as thoroughly to work on their manuscripts. The same goes for any other skill/knowledge that can be tested.


@graphtersawyer, I am out of :heart:s. so, here is a :wine_glass:


Here is one thing note able as many seller just watch youtube to pass the skill test and manipulate the test system.Also the most of buyers don’t see test score and they just focus on feedbacks.So it’s better to remove test system :roll_eyes:

Any seller too stupid to pass the test is too stupid to cheat properly. Fiverr doesn’t even let one leave the testing window.


Couldn’t agree more on this. I’m a new seller, and I have actually just taken the skill tests to back up my gigs, and I’m happy to do it as it refreshes me in some ways too.