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Hi Creative people,

I just want to learn something from you guys. It’s about Fiverr skill tests.
Can you give me some tips!
How can I get a good result from the test?
It can be about any topic like Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Web Design/Develop, Writing, Etc

Please try to explain everything as much as you can/you know.

I’m waiting for your response!

For basic English test----

a)Articles And Conjunctions

b) Verbs And Verb Tenses

c) Punctuation

d) Pronouns

e) Indirect Speech

f) Sentence Structure

g) Adjectives And Adverbs

h) Prepositional Phrases

i) Word Order


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Hi @hr_365

It’s a very useful guideline for the basic English test,
Do you know where I can get some related questions and answers idea?

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question : You will get from above idea
Answer : Multiple Choice Question ( MCQ )

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Its very helpful for me actually. Thank you.