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Fiverr skills Test , Next Level Trust Staus For Buyers


Hello fiver community,

i just want to thanks fiverr platform for the amazing tool known as “fiverr skills test” .

Its Really helps to validate your skills and Earn Buyer trust also. i have succeeded in 10 Tests and counting more soon. in some of them i get 10/10 , complete 100%. Moreover also 100% in other aspects. like "order rating, customer satisfaction, order completions etc etc.

off-course, i have passion due to which im doing this. and hopefully by watching this Potential “FIVERR” will give me promotion to Top rate Seller soon

Thanks to Everyone.



@cybertech125 WOW you have good skill, keep it up hope your Success


@aishi168 Thank you for appreciation

Impressive grades! What did you think of these particular tests? I found the marketing ones very poorly written.

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:hugs::hugs: Wow this are all Good and Amazing…

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@humanissocial Thank you

well the tests in the category of programing tech , Internet programing , General Programing and SEO are written in Gold standard. the Logic Behinds these Tests are really Next Level. and in “internet Security” test. … OMG , that is like Really Hardcore Test i have ever seen. for now only 4-500 peoples taken that test.

But there is one thing common in all these tests. and that is “Logic” “which makes sense”. So, im satisfied with these tests.

But when we talk about skills like “Social Media Marketing” . that is whole different field with different mindset. "i have to say that this field is also known as “world of Creativity” you know better. since you are professional and you got amazing skills. (i visited your profile)

So, i think when it comes to creativity then it hards to pick Really Awesome questions for anyone writing the Questions paper.

@katecovers Thank you very much :blush:

Welcome :hugs:

Thanks for the compliment.

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