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Fiverr sneaks a 10% service charge on!


It used to be $5.00

Now it’s $5.50…

This sucks, out of principal, if nothing else!


Could we get a representative from Fiverr on here to explain these new hidden charges???

On Nov 6th I ordered 5x gigs from a vender and was charged $26.25. That’s 5% extra.

On Nov 9th I ordered 1x gig from another vender and was charged $5.50. That’s 10% extra.

Tonight (Nov 11th) I ordered another 1x gig and was charged $5.00 from a credited gig. That’s 0% extra.

What’s going on here… and why are buyers now being charged extra? They already take 20% of our payments from the sellers.


It is really interesting, I can also see on my orders not 5.00 but 5.50 and as seller i do not see that 0.50 coming towards? Why they suddenly began to have a processing fee? It was not there, any representative from fiverr? I think they do not like to explain these stuff?


I had a customer mention something about this. He was asking me about the extra charge. I did not know how to answer his question so I told him to contact fiverr support.


It’s in the new ToS, and has been discussed all over the forum: PROCESSING FEE

As of November 2014: $0.50 on purchases up to $10 and 5% on purchases above $10.


WOW, change the prices? CHANGE THE NAME! You’re not FIVERr anymore - you’re

I hate to do it but I gotta go. I really hate dishonest advertising. I’ve met some great sellers here too, this sucks.


i dont understand why its such a big deal. its just 0.50 cents.

where can you ever get services done in only $5 or $5.50. if you hire a freelance consultant on other websites you will be paying 20x more. so relax and stop complaining.


Reply to @safwan: Safwan has hit the nail on the head here. It’s still only $5.50 - still amazing value!


This is coming from someone who is fairly new to Fiverr…

I hear some saying "its JUST 0.50 cents."

I don’t know everyone else’s feelings about this, but, I do think we have to be careful when saying things like this.

You could just as easily replace that “0.50 cents” with “0.60 cents”, “0.70 cents”, “0.80 cents”, “0.90” cents, or even “$1.00”…

The very nature of a platform like Fiverr is that Fiverr itself is a business and wants to maximize its profits…likewise, sellers want to do the same.

"if you hire a freelance consultant on other websites you will be paying 20x more."

The difference, as far as I see, is the expectations of people who visit.

On "other websites’, those people may actually expect to pay 20x more.

On Fiverr, just by virtue of its name–and, I could be wrong here–but, I don’t think people are expecting to pay 20x more. Sure, gig extras make it possible to turn a simple $5 sale into a several $100 sale or more…but, I do think Fiverr should be cautious if they were to consider pushing that processing fee any higher.

.50 cents seems to be right at the cusp of what some will tolerate before departing and seeking out new venues.

As far as I can see, it is all about the market and the expectations that are set.


And, I’m not argue the huge value being supplied for ONLY $5.50.

My biggest concern is what potential buyers may think when their expectations are set to expect something for $5…but, then, a click or two later, are greeted with the additional processing fee.

Following the logic put forth by some, a $1.00 additional fee, in comparison to other platforms, is STILL a huge bargain.

Even more, compared to the platforms said to charge 20x more, a $5.00 additional fee would STILL be a huge bargain, as well.

…but, my question is: Do buyers necessarily see it that way?

Say a buyer had a $1.00 processing fee put on, would they still have the same frame of context to deem it as a HUGE bargain?

Some may.

Some may not.

Those who aren’t familiar with those ‘other’ platforms–those that charge 20x more–probably won’t see a huge bargain but could, instead, be turned off by the additional charge.

I do just see there being a drop off of people who are willing to purchase when they are greeted by the fee. I can’t see data or statistics…I’d be particularly interested, though, if the .50 cent fee has, indeed, impacted certain people’s willingness to go through the payment processing process.

It’s very possible that certain people could get to that screen, and then abandon.

…those who have a shipping charge (like myself), as well, are basically hitting a potential buyer up with two additional charges.

I now have all my gigs say “FROM $5…”…as I didn’t feel it would be entirely truthful just to say they would purchase for only $5. Shipping cost–depending on where it is set at–couple with the additional processing fee, puts a purchase at well over $1.00 additionally (I believe .80 cents is the lowest possible shipping cost, just above FREE).


The problem I see is that Fiverr implied a Processing fee but is still charging sellers 20% commission??? This may be a breaking point for us. As it should be for other sellers too.


A buyer and I (the seller) cancelled an order, and he told me he was charged $0.50. This was news to me and then I saw this.

So Fiverr makes plenty of money off sellers doing the work, but the terms allow them to catch a break and not us?


i really cant understand why fiverr have to charge the buyers while they still take 20% from the sellers but if they have to, i would suggest they strike a balance, taking 10% from each party.


can this be related to the poor sales of recent? it seems most people are going to other sites for purchases.


It’s Fiverr’s system, it’s Fiverr’s rules. They will ALWAYS change the rules so that they make more money - that’s why they started the company.

There is no reason to stress about what Fiverr does. You will not change anything. Adjust your gigs to try and make the most income you can, and focus on making sales. :slight_smile: