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Fiverr Sometimes is Just Absolutely terrifying

Apparently, I have just been blocked from communicating with a ‘buyer’ and so I am likely on Fiverr’s radar as a potential spammer.

Needless to say, I do not send spam. In this specific case, a buyer with no ability to explain their business concept messaged me. I told them that I could not understand their brief and that as such I would not be able to help.

Then I get:


This was followed by a nice message from Fiverr telling me that I can no longer communicate with this buyer (because they have blocked me).

However, the fun wasn’t over just yet. Similarly distressed by my declining to work with them, a buyer who messaged me yesterday with “Hi” has just vomited their newfound hatred of me all over my inbox by saying:

Excuse Me??

Why offer your sevices on Fiverr if you are not capable???

What? Really? What kind of parents did these people have? Wolves?

Thankfully, the first sign that a buyer is a secret psychopath is usually a friendly message saying “Hi” and nothing else. Either this or a an essay detailing the merits of their latest appalling business idea.

I just don’t get the sudden rage explosion, though. What do people like this do when they get told that X business is closed this afternoon for a staff training exercise? Torch the place and hunt down family members of senior management?

It truly is terrifying to know these people are out there living among us.


Dang, you attract strange folk. The ALL CAPS was overkill btw, hate it when they act so dramatic.

Must be the sweltering :sunny: weather it’s driving people mad.


Seems to be the month for them. I had one last week. Sadly this one progressed to an actual order.

Spent over 18 hours working on his project. Submitted multiple options. He came back with a revision request and was the most obnoxious t*** I’ve dealt with in an incredibly long time.

Absolutely zero gratitude for the huge amount of work put in. He then accused me of not reading his “brief” (he didn’t give one) and misrepresenting my service. It descended into this utterly condescending passive aggressive rhetoric and I just gave up and cancelled his order.

It’s the first time I’ve had such a rude customer in a very long time. When they pop up though, they certainly leave an impression.

I just love people who try to lecture you on what you offer though - Like they’re the first person to use your service and they know better. The several thousand customers before them clearly understood everything just fine but no, you as the seller are wrong!

A shoddy upbringing I say!


Yes! I do not understand why people even waste time doing this. It is just insane.

You shouldn’t have canceled. I get buyers like this and I just flatly refuse to cancel no matter what. The only side effect of that is that sometimes the really crazy ones find ways to track you down elsewhere and bombard you with even more grotesque threats and insults.


People who bombard you with nonsense are reflecting negatively on themselves and not on you. Don’t worry.


Yeah, but I can imagine how challenging it is to deal with. As some of the veteran Fiverrs imply, there comes a time when they’ve just had it. It’s at that time that orders begin to be cancelled without regard to the impact on levels, and viciously rude buyers begin to be told exactly what they need to hear, because of their atrocious behavior. I imagine, especially through what I’ve been reading in the forums, that these things can be done without breaking 5R’s TOS and without being kicked off the site. Those who are handling it with a new authenticity are still here.

If anything, I think being pushed to this would help us become more open and honest with buyers to begin with (which won’t make it better with some buyers, of course), and help us to flesh out our gig descriptions better. At least as a newbie, these are things I’m learning through the frightening experiences of other freelancers here:

  1. Speak the bare bones truth when communicating,

  2. Don’t hesitate to say no,

  3. And push those Extras and Custom Offers.

This is what happens when we ditch natural selection.


I think I must have had different buyers to you - I’ve never had anybody be viciously rude or behave in anywhere near a way that could be described as atrocious. Nowhere near.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

I’ve had buyers order by mistake, I’ve had wrong feedback left on the app, all of which was really annoying, but wasn’t actually anybody’s fault.

There’s a lot worse things in the world going on. :wink:


I have just had a client ask for proofreading of 60 words which has developed into a bigger job than it should be. It is video subtitles for a project and they have sent me the video to go through and I have to correct broken English while maintaining a flow or “rhyme” throughout which is obviously not “proofreading”.

From stuff I have heard people say on here, I imagine this is the type of “bad buyer” that annoys people. This type doesnt annoy me, they are simply a company looking to get the best job possible done for their project and I want to ensure that happens. Yeah, its a $5 order and will take longer than it should but I am actually happy to do it to ensure it is done perfectly because that is what is required.

When delivering I will mention the time it took and why, and then ask them to contact me first before they order next time to ensure I have all the details from the beginning - I will then charge the right price.

There are also other ways to handle things without having to go rogue and risk your account. Be professional, always.


No, that’s just a normal Fiverr buyer and a normal case of a seller over delivering, followed by a normal potential up sell of services on delivery.

Different gig niches attract differing ratios of good and bad buyers.


Absolutely correct.

As a whole, the vast majority of customers who hire me are great. Been selling here over 4 years now and fortunately I can count on 1 hand the really bad eggs.

If we had the correct tools to deal with these problem buyers there wouldn’t really be much of a case for any concern really, but as those tools carry silly penalties now, we continue to be put under unnecessary pressure from time to time.


However, the fun wasn’t over just yet. Similarly distressed by my declining to work with them, a buyer who messaged me yesterday with “Hi” has just vomited their newfound hatred of me all over my inbox by saying:

Excuse Me??

Why offer your sevices on Fiverr if you are not capable???

What? Really? What kind of parents did these people have? Wolves?

Thankfully, the first sign that a buyer is a secret psychopath is usually a friendly message saying “Hi” and nothing else.

I you declined to work with them as soon as they had said “Hi” and nothing else and that made them give that response, you could respond to the “Hi” messages with a “how can I help you?” type message or a message describing what sort of info you need (stored as a quick reply).

I’ve worked for 10 years offering customer services, therefore dealing with people IRL. What I want to say is that many customers IRL act as badly as those online-buyers described in this topic. Saying “NO” to them often provokes a full spectrum of negative emotions towards the seller they are targeted at.
We need to use our “spider-sense” to filter out those closet psychopaths at the very “Hi!” :smiley:

Omg… crazy! I have had a similar month of extremely impatient, demanding messages, and when I don’t follow up to my original message - I get bombarded with “hello??? HELLO??? … are you there?!! ??? Says you’re online!!”

Quite frankly that small snippet of communication raises the “I don’t want to deal with this person” RED FLAG. :triangular_flag_on_post:

Then I am left wondering if they had the “secret feedback” option regarding my communication, and ragged on me relentlessly, with the same vigor they were using to try and force me to drop everything to respond to them …

Sighhhhhhhhh :eyes:

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If I’ve got a full schedule it is extraordinarily poor customer service for me to drop everything to say Hi, how can I help, to people who can only communicate in “Hi’s” and question marks.

This buyer did get an automated response telling them that I was busy and in this case to please make a specific inquiry otherwise I wouldn’t be able to help them.

I have a similar customer service background and yes, the general public can be absolute monsters. Curiously, though, monster members of the public often fall into a class of their own,

  • They want to speak to the manager because that is the point of them walking into your business premises in the first place (It’s basically, what they do in life)
  • They often haven’t actually purchased anything
  • They can be triggered into becoming aggressive or condescending by even the likes of Mother Teresa presenting them with a free bouquet of flowers

I’ve had families check into a hotel room where the roof has started leaking and the only solution has been to reorder all the furnishings and scatter buckets everywhere. Still, though, even nightmare reductions in quality of service, have resulted in glowing reviews because of how problem situations have been handled.

Conversely, I’ve had people seethe with rage because they have just popped in while passing for a coffee and discovered that we’ve ran out of decaf. - Followed by obligatory lectures about how important customer service is.

Online or offline, all spending time dealing with the latter kind of people does is lead to situations exasperating because that is what they want.

The easiest tool for me would be a block on how many times people can hit the revision button.

I have not had these types of buyers and I hope I never do. I’m relatively new and have had 4 pleasant orders. I was commenting on the OP’s experience and the experiences of others who have had similar.

I support being professional always, and there are many ways to do that. Thanks for the reminder though. It never hurts to be reminded. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope I never get the nightmare buyer :see_no_evil:, but I will say this. I like :kissing_heart:Fiverr and I hope to be here indefinitely. I can work with requests and respect. My modus operandi is to approach buyers with the same. However, I won’t accept verbal abuse, threats, demeaning and degrading communication, disrespect or hostility. It’s not worth it to me for $5 nor for $500. These are my gigs, my talents and my skills. If I have to endure those things to make a buck(s) here, then I may as well be out there slaving in the regular 9-5 grind, where I feel like I have to take anything to get a paycheck.

I can understand why Fiverr can’t intervene regarding many things. It is like this on all selling sites. But if any form of abuse ever becomes a problem for me here, I will just leave Fiverr and continue to rely upon my own efforts to generate work. That is where I have total control over what I don’t have to tolerate in the way of treatment and feedback and not being able to block.

I want to be successful here, and that is my goal everyday. I like reading the forums. Lots of great help here! The site is easy to use with a friendly interface and I am happy when I come here. As long as I can stay happy coming here everything will be alright. :pray: I hope to be around for awhile 'yall.

Hope you never have to come across it - I know I haven’t.

Good luck! :sunny:


Never had anything remotely like that in 3 years here.