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Fiverr Spam Glitch

Hi everyone. I noticed a glitch that has caused me a bit of trouble on the site. I have received several messages from client’s that have been marked as ‘suspected as spam’ by Fiverr. As a result, I did not receive a notification on my phone nor an email notifying me so. Whats worse, is that despite being marked as spam by Fiverr, my response rate was penalized for not responding to the message despite being no error on my part.

I have decided to move on from Fiverr, however this error is something that needs to get fixed as Fiverr has become an extremely competitive platform. With only a few messages being sent to new Fiverr sellers, one message that is missed by being marked as spam has dropped me down to 85% which Fiverr has notified will only be corrected in 2 months.