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Hi I’m new to Fiverr and have just received a message that has gone straight into a Spam Inbox I didn’t know I had. It was someone saying they wanted to do business with me so I should message them. I’d rather keep the message in my Spam Inbox, not open it and just ignore it, but I was wondering if this will affect my response rate? I’m sure if I received this in just a few days of being on Fiverr there will be many more to come so would prefer to know how to handle these in advance. Thanks!

Hi - welcome to the forum.

My experience of this is that if you’ve seen it, whether or not you open it, it affects your response rate.

Move it to the inbox and answer it.

Never open your spam folder again. Or open it every day to check whether there’s something in there you should answer.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I only saw the contents of the message as they appeared on my phone as a notification. The message isn’t opened and is still showing in an ‘unread’ inbox folder on my desktop. If it’s showing as ‘unread’ and it’s in my spam inbox it would be pretty bad if this did affect my response rate.

Voice of experience: it does.

Ok thanks for the info. I’ll have to reply I guess. Do you know if there is any way to avoid spam without it affecting your response rate?

I use desktop. so don’t see spam unless I look for it. More difficult on mobile …

Just to update anyone else with this question, I ignored the message for a few days and my response rate was not affected. I finally decided to read the message and this message appeared alongside it from Fiverr…

Fiverr| Only visible to you

We suspect this message might be spam. It will not affect your response rate. You can always unmark as spam.

Despite opening and reading the message it’s still not affected my response rate which is great to know. Hope this helps anyone else wondering the same thing.

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It won’t effect your response rate cause these warnings also include this information in it.
I think it happens if someone forward same message to multiple users.

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