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Fiverr spamming members for financial gain

You spam members and you need to stop doing that. See attachment for proof. All these emails came from fiverr within 24 hrs, just from me browsing their site.

Is there no unsubscribe option?

Reply to @kjblynx: weird…

Reply to @kjblynx: Huh? In other words they won’t let us unsubscribe?

Fiverr just sent me 11 emails about their Favorite Writing and Translation gigs… 1 is okay but 11 is just overkill in my opinion. Are they trying to tell me something? And, of course, mine is no where to be found on that list.

Ah well! C’est la vie!

i got 5 mails in 3 days and very annoying thing is i get dozens of mails of conversations happened weeks ago with buyers

Reply to @rajin90: That’s what I’ve been getting. Not the marketing emails, but repeat emails notifying me of messages from weeks (even months) ago.

Lucky me! I hardly ever receive any marketing related emails from them. Mostly I get message notifications and support related emails.

Well, I have been getting the same kinds of e-mails lately. Mostly indeed gigs I have been looking at, because I plan on ordering them at some time in the future, but not now!

It does have the adverse affect on me too!

I was wondering about this as well. I received 10 emails all at once at pretty much the same time all at 10:12-10:13PM last night. 10 emails, no exaggeration here. This and then the clogged queue glitch from the last few days, kinda getting a bit frustrated here.

I emailed them twice because I read on their site somewhere that you have to “get their permission” to unsubscribe. That’s a wtf straight off the bat. I have still yet to be unsubscribed, it’s ridiculous.