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Fiverr Special: Doubling ALL Orders

I’ve been in the Music & Entertainment Industry for at least two decades and possess elite skills in many, many areas in these fields. Social Media Marketing instantly attracted me with the prospect of reaching out to audiences in great numbers.

Currently my gigs have been surrounding extensive Social Media promotion of customer start-ups, products, music, videos, contests, and anything the customer wishes. I’ve never received anything below five stars, and at least 30-40% of the buyers come back. The networks grow daily, and when combined…the audience adds up to about 250,000+. All active, professional, and 100% genuine & real. No “purchased” or “fake” followers or page likes. The networks speak for themselves. The company is called Artist Reach.

You can check out some of the networks here:

Company Twitter: @ArtistReach
Company Facebook: www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/ArtistReachOfficial
Company/Personal Instagram: justynbrodsky
Company Website:
Company Email:

Twitter: @JustynBrodsky
Facebook: www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/justynbrodsky
Personal Email:

I am also a master of 5 instruments: Guitar (weapon of choice), Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano/Keys…and also a very dynamic songwriter that likes to write those clever lyrics and choruses that stick in your head for days, weeks, maybe even months. I’ve been on stage since childhood, have toured relentlessly including: Vans Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos, Among others. So lyric/concept writing, song titles, album titles/themes, song structures, band names, tour names (i.e. South for the WinTOUR), and much more in this field of creativity.

My official website (listed above in networks) gets anywhere between 300-800 visits per day, and features an Artist right on the front with a professionally written review. This gig is also available. You also have the option to select extras to have your front pager promoted on all networks. Based on the feedback, these gigs have helped Artists/Bands obtain a wider fanbase, more album/merch sales, better show turnouts, and very effective PR & Publicity.

As of right now, I’m doubling ALL current orders. If you purchase the 1-week, you’ll get the 2-week. Any gig, any order, no matter the amount is will be doubled. This deal runs til March 1st! So do not hesitate. Let’s get the ball rolling!

-Justyn (Level 1 Seller)