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Fiverr sponsored videos - thoughts?

This is exactly what I want to see Fiverr doing at this time. Excellent sponsored video challenging video editors and then ranking them based on the quality. (180k views since yesterday)
(shared by @michakaufman on Twitter yesterday)

Big shoutout to @czarekpiast who did amazingly. I remember faving your gig when you first appeared on the forum and planned to work with you on a project that never came to pass in the end.

Another from a couple of weeks ago challenging photo editors/photoshoppers (3.3m views since February)


Those are fabulous! And I’ve learned all about video editing along the way and what’s possible.

It showcases all the great sellers and the variety of styles and prices you can try out. What’s best about these is that we are getting some very picky experts analyzing these results with critical eyes, who clearly know what they are doing. Would any of us ordinary people be able to spot the differences in the qualities of those?

I notice he never mentions seller levels.

The overall impression is that you can get an amazing assortment of quality services that even the most picky of experts find to be great work. Well done fiverr! :+1:

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Leon Lush’s copyright abuse song featuring fiverr’s musicians is my favorite.

I love the initiative and the way it balances out your usual “let’s mock fiverr’s sellers” youtube videos.


That’s a great piece of advertising from Fiverr! I got lucky to be a part of it. The flip side is that today, I have received so many messages on the inbox that I literally can’t do anything else than replying to all inquiries :smiley:

@eoinfinnegan I remember that as well! Thank you.


You did a great job and didn’t even know that will be part of video. Amazing work mate :slight_smile:

Don’t over stretch yourself - with the quality and value you offer they will wait so don’t be afraid to give longer delivery times and when replying, you can give a brief “I will answer properly later” type response.

If you get enough orders you can increase your prices. You clearly are great at this.

@eoinfinnegan @misscrystal Thank you for the advice! You’re right. Although for some reason in March, I have a lot of problems with buyers that order without contacting me first, requesting the work that’s either not possible to do or doesn’t fit the package they picked. Of course, it’s there right to ignore my requests as I’m aware that Fiverr as a platform works differently.

A bummer is that in most of these cases, I need to ask for the cancelation as my actual fair offer for their requirements is usually not within the budget. I’m afraid that additional exposure might not help with that and therefore cause some additional troubles, contacting CS, begging for cancelation without affecting completion rate and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still super grateful for this exposure and will do my best to use it properly.

I know, it’s a complete off-topic but I needed to share my thoughts :upside_down_face: The feature I’m waiting - literally for years - is accepting Custom Orders only for certain categories. I doubt that it will ever happen though, but hey, everybody has their dreams.


It might bring you some better buyers, though, those who appreciate quality.