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Fiverr staff: help! my client can't work out how to mark an order as complete

And now I’m getting DELIVER NOW, DUDE YOU’RE LATE messages etc. Not sure how I can bring this to Fiverr’s attention…

Bit worried it’ll make me look like I’m slack in delivering, which isnt true.

ah I thought I had. But maybe it didnt go through or something. Anyway, I think it’s done now. Cheers.

Glad you got help here; if you get desperate you can always contact CS for help. We’ll also be moving this thread to FAQ. Thanks!

I’ve done that on a couple of occasions. In my haste, I inadvertently “delivered” an order in the message box on the sales page and then a day later receive a late notification. The buyers have always been understanding since they can see the work was provided…just a mistake on my end.

Best of luck!