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Fiverr staff needs to seriously consider hiring me

I hate to say this, but as a long time user of fiverr, way before they changed to their new website, I have to say I’ve seen this website go downhill in more ways than one. I love how when I mentioned all of the ways one time on a fiverr related blog, they took my post down. I’m hoping I’m in the right place where that won’t happen again.

Basically, before I even say what I want to say, I really think fiverr needs to hire me to set them straight. I work in computers and computer website design and SEO, and also have been a manager at various companies, including my own, and I just can’t for the life of me understand how a company as big as fiverr is gets away with the horrible customer service they provide, the inefficient website setup, and worst of all, the allowance of terrible, terrible practices by fiverr sellers and buyers alike.

Just a few points I’ll make, but basically, when I’ve asked for help with customer service on an issue, there are times that it’s taken support a week to get back to me. You know when this is bad? When the other major issue I have with fiverr comes into play, and that’s what I like to call the revision game. You know what I’m talking about? When you buy a gig from a fiverr seller, they immediately deliver and it’s not what you wanted or expected or is a bait and switch tactic, which is the newest thing I’m seeing a lot on fiverr (Hi! order my gig for 5 bucks! Then they message you after you’ve ordered and tell you the work is actually going to be 50 dollars, not five), and then you request a revision, and they will deliver the order again, and then you request a revision again, and on and on it goes. It never stops. Talk about a waste of time, and sadly, there are several easy solutions to this problem. So easy, in fact, that I’m surprised fiverr staff haven’t seen them or tried to implement them. But no, instead, all we get is poor customer support (seriously, try playing the revision game a WHOLE WEEK like I’ve had to before you get a customer rep who emails you and says, sorry, we can’t even tell you what steps we’re going to take to correct the seller’s bad behavior!) and an illogical website setup that obviously does not work.

Or how about when you search for a gig? You end up with the “relevant choices,” which is just keyword driven and okay I suppose, but the ones with the MOST RATINGS that come up…why on EARTH would I want ones with negative ratings? Why not have an option to ONLY show me POSITIVE RATED gigs? I mean, doesn’t that make sense? Apparently not in the fiverr headquarters. I end up getting a mixed bag no matter which search option I choose, and thus, the whole search option is rendered completely meaningless.

Or here’s another really awesome one… when I go to order a gig and can’t remember if I ordered from that person or not, and there’s no way of telling if I ordered from them unless I go to the message function and see I had a previous order with them. Why not have that be in the search results? That would make more sense, wouldn’t it? It would save time too.

And is it just me, or is anyone else no longer able to do a search history past a few weeks anymore, like you used to be able to do, for past gigs bought?

I could go on, but you get my point hopefully. I need to be hired so they can honestly hear and see the site from an avid seller and buyer’s eyes on fiverr. It’s truly depressing that they don’t listen at all to people like me, no matter how many times I’ve messaged them and politely said everything I’ve just ranted about, and then some. I really feel like there is not enough seller and buyer protection, the website is unnecessarily complicated or just plain doesn’t work, and all this at the cost of fiverr’ raising their prices they take whenever a gig is processed. I hope change can come, because I know if they just took some time and gave me their ears even for a few hours, I would tell them everything that needs fixed, and then even show them how to do it if they wanted me too. I should know… I’m on fiverr every single day and have been for the past several years. Maybe there should be some value in that, or I hope there might be, but right now, I kinda feel like the fiverr staff simply doesn’t care…

I think they get thousands of messages per day in customer support and work on problems
that are immediate and affect a seller with a buyer or vice versa. Customer support does not have any say in how the site functions. There is a section where available jobs are listed on
the site so if you want a job with fiverr you could look at that. I always get an answer within a
few minutes as a Top Rated Seller so that also has something to do with it. If I were to send a general rant about the site I wouldn’t expect an answer. They can’t do anything with a message like that.

Fiverr mostly is a place that brings together buyers and sellers and we are supposed to be able to handle most of our own problems ourselves hopefully. It’s a huge project to answer problems from thousands of sellers and buyers 24 hours a day so imagine what they are up against. I think under the circumstances they do an excellent job.

We can do history searches now even though there is the little sign saying it’s disabled.

You have great gigs and reviews and have really been here a long time! I’m sure lots of sellers would like to make the changes and decisions about how the site works. I had a suggestion actually in the suggestion box for how the forum works and they implemented it, so you could try leaving suggestions there.

Here’s your problem in a nutshell, the actual ppl that run and code Fiverr, don’t even READ any of the messages in this forum, so you wrote all that in vein I’m afraid, sad but true.

Atm they have a job opening for a front end developer

Am I lucky or what? I am not TRS and I got detail response within a day.

Hi, if you want to ask Fiverr for a job, this forum is not the right place for it.

I do not think they would hire any of us to tell them how to run the site :smiley: but one can dream.