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Fiverr Staff - Please Answer Me! :(

I was selling social signals gig, had over 250 positive reviews on it, and was going great. Last week however, fiverr took down my gig, and when i asked why, they said that those type of services are not allowed.

But fiverr ONLY took down my gig… Not one other gig offering social signals was taken down. Why only me? People are even selling direct facebook page likes, and you dont take that down. But you go after me. :frowning:

Now, they are even ignoring my support ticket messages. I cant loose this. It’s my only type of income, since I’m at home due to illness for atleast another year.

Please, why only take down my gig, and let everyone else keep their gig, WHICH IS EXACTLY THE SAME as mine?

Please help me out,


Several points to note:

  • Someone may have reported your gig via the third-party (e.g. the social networking platform)
  • Fiverr is currently shifting its editorial focus away from some unconstructive gigs related to SEO or social marketing
  • I’m quite sure that Fiverr does NOT only take down your gigs / take them out from search results. Previously there are many sellers with similar services complaining on the forum.
  • Maybe it’s time for you to experiment with other expertise of yours. While I see that you can make explainer videos, perhaps you could provide some more video-related services here on Fiverr.

@willpower_hk said it so well I can’t ad much. Fiverr is taking down certain gig types but slowly. In time they will likely all be gone and not allowed as new gigs either. You will need to be creative or learn new skills to make money now.

All my competitors on first page still have their gigs :frowning: Only mine taken down…

Fiver ignoring my messages for a week now… Asking for help with other stuff to, and they not replying at all…

I also sent them links to 200+ other EXACT SAME GIGS, to ask why they take down mine, all others are up… No reply :frowning:

Very unprofessional if you just ignore me cause I ask some uncomftrable questions.

And I dont know how to sell explainer videos… Not getting any orders, and not realy that good at it. :frowning:

Meh… life can sure suck at times.

In the last tos change on fiverr a section stating gigs may not violate third party terms.
Quote from the terms:
“Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:
Gigs misleading to buyers, including violations of third party terms of service”

To avoid any issues in the future, whenever you come up with a gig idea that involves a third party, just check with the third party to make sure its ok with their terms. If its ok and someone still reports your gig you can refer CS to the message or part of the third party tos that supports your gig.

The reason is that your gig probably got some complaints and the others did not - yet! A lot of people have had these types of gigs removed over the past few months. I think Fiverr is caught in a business problem because they are making money off of these gigs but they are starting to remove them if someone got complaints.

So what may have happend is that some of your buyers, or even one of your buyers could have had their Facebook account shut down (or whatever you were selling) and then they go complain to Fiverr about your work. Now Fiverr is aware of your gig.

Were your social signals natural or unatural?


Can you be a bit more specific on what did your gig provide? Or can you give a link to other similar gig? If it’s related to likes and such, then that is the reason.

Reply to @dizzywall:
Just because other people do it, doesn’t make it right. Fiverr has stated that selling social media likes (and similar types of gig sales) is against the rules of their site. They ARE removing them slowly, as @fonthaunt noted. If you were selling social media assets, then Fiverr was right and fair to take down that gig. They will get around to removing the other ones like it out there as well.

Take some time to assess the other skills you have, and see if there might be other less questionable services that you might be able to offer. I’m sure you have quite a few skills that would translate well into Fiverr gigs. Try some of those (as long as they are within Fiverr’s site rules), and see what happens.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Very nice points here.