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Fiverr Standard Tip - How Much, Do I Have to Pay IT?

Hi Everyone,

I’m in Australia and it is not the custom to tip as the seller has already been paid for their service.
What is the Fiverr Standard Tip and where does this go?
If I was to tip, does that get charged to my card straight away, what’s the story?

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Tips or gratuity is given when you feel the work you received is above and beyond for the price.

If a seller gives great communication, over delivers from gig description and you are highly satisfied, you can tip as an option.

It’s not mandatory and sellers don’t expect it.

Sellers get 80% of your tip and 5r gets their standard 20% - there are long debates on if sellers should get 100% all over the forum.

You still have to pay your standard processing fee of 5% to 20% to tip sellers.


Gina is correct. In addition, the option to tip a seller is presented to you when you receive the delivery of your order. You can tip any amount. Generally in the U.S. the usual tip is anywhere from 15% to 20% of the price of the service but this is not an absolute rule. Many buyers do leave tips for good service.


Interesting - here it’s 5-10%. I wonder who decides how much % should be tipped in each country and based on what :thinking:

I read years ago that 10 to 20% is customary, in an etiquette column in the newspaper.
Now most people seem to leave a standard 20% usually for everything. Everyone who goes to a restaurant leaves that although still it depends on the quality of service.

Now I see people tipping for literally everything. You’re even supposed to tip the maid in a hotel.

Kinda off Topic

I don’t have any experience outside the U.S., but my Spanish teacher from a few years ago told my class that it was actually rude to tip a worker where he came from because it’s almost like you’re assuming they need the money because they’re poor. I wonder what tips around the world are like now…

Back to the O.P, pretty much exactly what @gina_riley2 said. Can’t give much better advice than that.