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Fiverr Started showing Reviews on Buyer profiles


Hi Everyone!
Fiverr Started showing Review on Buyer profiles, and as well as on the Seller profile.
Now the seller profiles have two sections, the one says “Reviews as a seller” while the other says “reviews as buyer”.

Is there any way to hide "“reviews as buyer” section on the sellers profiles?
I hope someone from the CS see this post and reply us here.



Why hide them?

As a seller, I want to see how other sellers rated a buyer.

If a buyer gets regular negative feedback from buyers, I want to know that if they order from me.

It’s rare a seller will actually give negative feedback in the current system. That seller has to rate the buyer BEFORE they see what the buyer said about the seller.

Few sellers will dis a buyer UNLESS they deserve it.

At least that’s my take on it. Maybe I’m missing something, feel free to provide an alternate POV.


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