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Fiverr starts cheating :(

Hey guys !
I’m Buyer on Fiverr. Today Fiverr deduce 12$ from my account instead of 6$. When i first complete my Payment by entering VISA card number, Card holder name etc and hit Make Payment in response error message popped up saying You payment could not be processed. Please try again. But at the same time I received text message from my bank that 6$ charged successfully, 6$ deduced from my account :disappointed_relieved:
But fiverr was showing me the error that payment couldn’t processed and forcing my to try again. I had no other option i tried again this time again more 6$ deduced from my account but this fiverr time fiverr showed Payment Successful :frowning:
In nutshell fiverr charged me 12$ for 6$ project. Can i get my 6$ back ???
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.

All you can do is to contact CS and ask:


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, this problem does occur sometimes, and Customer Support is usually very helpful about it.


They probably didn’t take the money from your account. I would bet (from having similar situations) that they are holding the $6, and it will be released in a few business days. Probably nothing to worry about, unless the money is still gone after 3-5 business days.


I guess system has some bugs… A buyer of mine complaining that system didn’t ask expiry date of credit card which was unusual… Please contact Customer support for assistance.


Fiverr needs to seriously clean them bugs. They drive many people nuts. Sooner or later, in a long run it would make many people fed up. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by money will be released in few days ? Will they give my money back or what ?
Actually my English is not good

Thanks for the advice. Lets hope for the best. :disappointed::worried:

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