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Fiverr statistics in times of Corona

Hey there!
I am from the translation sector. Normally I am getting between 100 and 120 orders a month. In peak times in the summer of last year I even had 200! I am mostly judging my statistics and how I am performing off of my impressions. In normal times I am fluctuating between 60-80k.

Right now the statistics are dropping down like crazy for me. Luckily I am still getting orders from my old clients here and there but as of tomorrow I will be in the situation of not having a single active order on my dashboard for the first time in 3 1/2 years since I started. That is making me feel really uncomfortable thinking about the statistics.

Right now the number of orders is fluctuating between 59 and 70 but all the other values are basically in free fall. The impressions which is my go-to factor for performance is at 18k right now and not going to stop dropping anytime soon.

Judging by normal numbers it is a complete desaster. However on the flipside, when I actually look my gig up in the listing I am placed on the first page in the first two rows so I am basically in the top 8 or 10? And that means that I am still doing well compared to others?

My biggest fear is that the statistics drop to a point where it will be so low that it can’t recover after this whole thing is over. Like my Proofreading gig has 270 impressions and maybe got 3 or 4 orders total over the last 3 years. Returning clients will keep the whole thing running I think but I am generally concerned about the effect of the statistics in general and what the algorhythm does or doesn’t do to me when the whole thing is over and things get going again.

How are you thinking about that whole thing? Are you fine as long as your listing is pretty high even if the statistics drop or are statistics everything that matters in the end? I’d like to get a general idea if I will be fine if I just let it happen.

Take care!

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I’ve noticed this a few years ago. Every time there is a massive sales drop (covid-related or not) to the point that I check the position in the search results, my gig is in the first row of the first page. When my gig is doing well, however, it’s closer to the bottom of the first page or sometimes on page two.

I have no idea what that means. I just told myself that it was fiverr’s way to calm me down and show that my gig is not on fire and everything’s fine when it clearly isn’t and moved on.

Hi Patrick. Just want to reach out and say try not to worry too much. These are exceptionally odd times for many, many people.

I’ve been with Fiverr for seven years and have built up a steady client base in that time - but I’ve seen my orders drop away in recent weeks. Try not to analyse the stats too much. They’re mostly utter blah. If you’ve got something decent to sell (and you clearly have) - then when people are ready, they will buy.

The world will get back to normal again. Or it might find a new normal in the meantime. However, I suspect that countries are going to have different languages for some time to come - therefore your valuable skills as a translator will be in demand once again.

It’s just an odd time at the moment - but this time will pass. It really will.


Thank you for your encouraging words! Yes it truly is a very exceptional time right now. I totally get that many people are not prioritizing to spend money right now because they are way more concerned about having enough money to survive right now and that is why no one buys anything at the moment which is perfectly fine. I’ve had some weird experiences with the statistics in the past and so I am being extremely cautious when something changes drastically.

But yeah I am confident that once everything is back to (the new) normal things will be running again. My only fear is that the Fiverr algorhythm doesn’t care about the pandemic at all :wink: Let’s just hope that we will make it!

Take care!

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