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Fiverr stats broken?

Hey there,

So my Fiverr stats have recently dropped, not by much, I’ve gone from over 90% to below 89% on my response rate, for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

For a start, I’ve barely had any enquiries until recently, experiencing the Corona effect as I’m sure many of you freelancers are.

But everything enquiry I’ve had, I have responded to, almost immediately. So I have no idea why my response rate is dropping, and even more, doesn’t seem to be going up despite me receiving and replying to about four messages over the last few days.

Can anyone help me make sense of this?

I don’t want to be demoted over something so trivial.

Thanks for your time!

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Unfortunately it is pure mathematics.

If you have 10 grades 9 5 and 1 1, how many of 5 you need to have 5.0 again?

With just 1 negative you are down to 4,6.

You need 490 5 positive reviews to be at 4,992.
So same statistics apply to response. If you just once out of 10 reply late, it will take 490 quick replies to improve your statistic.

Fortunately this is not so drastic because the evaluation counts only last 60 days.
So the moment your one late reply goes 61 days from today, it will no longer effect you.

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Nice, mathematics.