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In 2018 fiverr goes downward or upward…


Fiverr is doing just fine. It won’t be going anywhere.

Perhaps you would do best to worry about whether YOUR gigs are “going downward or upward”, instead of worrying about things you cannot control.


what is the best time when fiverr uploads buyer requests(us time)?


There is no best time. You will see buyer requests when they are posted.


when is search buyer requests then there are old requests.


I cannot tell you anything else, and it would appear that I cannot tell you what you want to hear. You will see new buyer requests when they are posted, and according to your seller level.

You are currently ranked as a “New Seller”. New Sellers see very few buyer requests. This is by design, and how Fiverr wants it to be. When you are promoted to “Level 1” you will see more buyer requests that you can respond to. Until then, what you see is what you will see.




This post has pretty much everything else we know about Buyer Requests except for what you’ve been told. Good luck.

:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.) .


Fiverr is normal in 2018, there is no particular up or down.