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Fiverr stealing money?! [resolved]

Hello there Dear Sellers !

I am a seller on fiverr , and i have worked on an order ! this is the first time this occurred with me

i have an Order which was Paid for 15$ And i should be Earning 12$ As Shown … But when i checked my Revenues Page The order was only Showing 8$ As pending funds? but when i check the Order’s Page It says You have earned 12 $ … Can someone please explain this? thanks in advance.


did you use the stock images extra ?

Sometimes the Fiverr servers take a minute to update.

Give it some time, they would never do this on purpose, ever. :slight_smile:

They like you :slight_smile:

Nope! I haven’t ! … but i think i got confused … i just found out that the funds Got split … 4$ Alone , And 8$ separated but with the same order … its a bit odd , this is the first time this happens.

Yes your funds are split because buyer bought an extras as well and What the obnoxious line as a level 2 seller Fiverr stealing money…Man it is a credible site and we should respect it. :slight_smile:

Your funds are surely split…check it again

Prob slow server update

Reply to @sammoume1: I totally understand confusion - I get confused a lot! Instead, you could make a polite post on the forum asking if readers can help you figure it out or contact Customer Support for help. To announce FIVERR STEALING is a bit much over a misunderstanding. It makes it look like you are starting a drama just so people will read your post first. If you do make a post like that because you are in a panic, just click edit and change it.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yup I can understand when even $1 of your hard earned money is just stolen…I also made a similar post when my account got hacked but recovered next day…He surely made this to attract readers