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Fiverr Steals Money

There are several problems with this site. First, if a transaction is wrong, Fiverr does not return the money to the buyers bank account. Rather, they put it in the buyers Fiverr account. This is theft, because since the transaction was in error, Fiverr should put it back into the buyers bank account, not keep it here for themselves. Second, I was unable to find anyway to contact Fiverr. They should have an email or telephone number provided. Third, the site is confusing. On February 12 I made what I thought was supposed to be a $5 purchase, but after transaction was made, I discovered I was billed $47.25! This was totally deceptive and dishonest. There was nothing on the site making a distinction between $5 and $47 purchases. When a person makes a purchase, they assume it’s for $5 (hence the name Fiverr). I immediately canceled the transaction, since it was made in error, and seller said she had cancelled it as well. But my bank notified me today (February 24) that the funds were never put back into my bank account. Instead, Fiverr dishonestly kept the money in my Fiverr account, assuming and hoping that I would someday use this money for another Fiverr purchase. This is called theft. They OWE me the money since THEY screwed-up! Since their site is so confusing, and since I cancelled the transaction, Fiverr needs to put the money back into my BANK ACCOUNT. Not keep the money here!

While I was reading your post, I was thinking the same thing madmoo wrote in her reply. You pretty much have to go out of your way to spend $47.25 – it is hard to believe it was done by mistake.

Theft…such a harsh word…but I’ll give you that most don’t read the TOS. So I’ll give you a little break on that but I would never go as far as saying it was theft. A mistake on your part, yes, one made by many, but not theft on Fiverr’s part.

Looks like you accidentally bought 9 gigs or extras, for the order of $45.

  • 5% fees of 2.25.

    So total of $47.25.

Reply to @madmoo: I won’t say that he is lying about 47.25.

He might not have seen the extras while proceeding.

I’ve seen some complaints of people who ordered by mistake in 1 click.

If we go to any seller’s page. At the top they have a gig with the best seller, grouped with extras. when you click it, it goes to the gig page with the extras selected already.

This could have happened.

Reply to @madmoo: Yes, that’s right. Just confirmed this.

Reply to @madmoo: I already responded to the OP in another thread about the theft thing (it’s not theft) but I do have a theory on the accidental purchase. I had a buyer who found my profile and saw the gig Fiverr displays as my best seller on the new profile style. It has the “package” label to let them know they can buy research and writing for $10. The buyer click ed on the best seller thing and Fiverr automatically checkmarked the research extra which the buyer didnt realize. They had ordered gigs before so they didn’t read closely and paid for the $10 package when they wanted the base gig instead.

It was technically their own fault for not reading closely but I see how it happened. They explained it to me and we worked it out fine. If it had been a $45 package I could see how they might have been more freaked out. It’s just a theory but maybe thats how gig extras got added since those new profiles haven’t been around long. I always hope Fiverr will add a confirm button to orders. Maybe someday! :slight_smile:

Reply to @kay2809: You just said what I said but you said it better! :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: I think the confirm would be great anyway and if it did have a clearly displayed total that would be AWESOME although that may be wishful thinking. I hate to say this, but it almost feels like the new set-up is their by design so that buyers will feel obligated to pay extra since it was their mistake. I really hope that wasn’t the intent since the sellers pay for that when it doesn’t go well.

I have had more Fiverr repeat buyers confused than new ones. New buyers seem to read more carefully since they haven’t been here before. My buyers that are used to Fiverr also assume that all gigs clicked start at $5 without changing anything as they used to. When they click on that package deal they don’t read it since they think they know what it says. Still granted, that’s their fault, but they don’t always see it that way.

I quite agreed with the bit of $5not been the net price for the gig. why say $5 then charge $50? anywhere its a helpful site

Reply to @queens383: I can’t agree with you totally there. If Fiverr limited everyone to 1 $5 gig period, no multiple gigs or extras, the site would be left with (honestly) very few gems and a lot of crap. There is nothing wrong with a great $5 gig, the buyer gets to sample the work and new sellers can showcase their wares for a bargain. If a buyer wants more than a sample or needs some serious professional work done, though, how would they get it on Fiverr?

I still believe that every gig on Fiverr should start at $5 and have a $5 option just like now. If the Fiverr company wants a site that starts higher, they can always do a sibling site where people can keep their Fiverr usernames but have gigs on the other site for higher prices.

Reply to @madmoo: I didn’t know about the package until a buyer told me. I’m with you all the way on the confirm suggestion. I hope its on their to-do list and maybe they can just bump it up over some of the other “pretties” and beta features that I keep seeing at the top of my browser. We shall dampen our inner cynics and believe! Hold fast, MOO! :wink:

I actually had something of a similar nature… though my seller was kind enough to click mutual cancellation it was of a much higher value about $100 Us or $126 dollars AUD…

the three missclicks on extras…ergh and though you think you remove them later after the bill you note they were not removed.

When I re-ordered it was for the correct sum, and thus the leftover 100 USD.

quite a large sum when you think about it, though he did much less then I wanted at the start and turned out to be too busy to even finish the project.

And yes fiverr did the same thing for me : leaving my money as a store credit rather then a refund.

However : I hired other people to do stuff I wanted with some of that cash.(they did great work) result : Fiverr are greedy but there are awesome sellers on fiverr… as well as tools.

Recommending you either hire some people, or arrange to withdraw your funds with paypal & fiverr Customer support.

Must admit though I never had the idea people to hire would just be $5… that’s like going to the $2 store and being surprised the shelving for sale is $50… sure you expect a lot of stuff to be $2 but you have to be realistic, if you are you will still note the shelf for sale there is dirt cheap compared to other stores.

I am new to Fiverr and do think the process isn’t often clear. If a seller creates a gig for you, you receive an email. I noticed that if you click on the email to check the full gig description on the site it automatically purchases the gig for you. This isn’t very honest. You should specifically select a “buy” button or something. Then they keep your money if you click on it by accident. If the seller refunds you right away, they should give the money back. The seller has decided to refund you not Fiverr.
If you’re a regular user, you’re probably OK, but I do think there are some practises that I think are boarderline.
Being new to the site, customer service comes across robotic and scripted and doesn’t seem to directly answer the questions you are asking.