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Fiverr steals your money so dont use them

I cant get my pay pal account verified this site is trash pure trash they make it hard to get your money the dont have pay pal verification working dont tell me if i verified my number i did that when i posted my gig. The paypal verfication will max you out tell you another 24 hours i really hate this dam site cant stand it i just want my little 16 dollars so i can get off this piece of shit site.


Customer Support Issue - Create a Ticket


As my friend said here, its a customer support issue and ranting on the “fiverr faq” section won’t solve it.


Congratulations on staying calm!


And thousands of successful and happy sellers will tell you that you are wrong.

Simply approach customer support and politely explain the issue. No need to be rude.

Just be aware that people in the forums are reporting a 10 day response time at the moment.


Ma’am fiverr is the best for all for buyer and seller if you have any issue do contact fiverr Cs they will help and guide you properly
Best of luck

Be kind. It will cost you nothing. Sometimes being rude will not solve your problems.
Secondly,this is our profession. No one will leave it just like that.
I hope you will get your money as soon as possible.

it’s maybe a technical fault .