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Fiverr still good for everyone?


Hi there,

I joined fiverr about 5 years ago It was good in starting but then i do some mistake like i did not complete order on time due to negligence, so fiverr banned me. I make another account about two years ago. I send buyer request, doing social sharing, doing everything but did not getting any order. i still believe, one day someone will hire me. I will try my level best to give more and more benefits to clients. Sorry for poor English as well.

Your sympathy will be appreciated for me :smile:

Bless You All


I’m a bit confused here. Fiverr doesn’t ban accounts for delivering orders late. And secondly you are not supposed to open new account after fiverr banned your first one, that’s again TOS violation.


Means i can’t work On Fiverr again in my whole life? Delivering late order affect on your rating. Due to low rating, you can’t use buyer request and especially no one ORDERED YOU.


Again fiverr doesn’t ban people for this.
So did you close your account yourself or fiverr banned it? If fiverr banned it then you are not telling us the whole story. And no, you are not allowed to open new account and work on fiver ever if they ban you.


I can’t login my account on that time. Anyways it was about two years ago.


I am not understanding one thing that you haven’t got any orders within 2 years ?..:thinking: Something is wrong .You have 6 gigs …Then no one had ordered you ?.. I can sure that if you are working from two years then you had got orders because you have 6 gigs … And if you didn’t worked then those orders should be cancelled … But nothing happens .It seems you came after two years and made those gigs .:sunglasses:


I make gig and remove after one month after getting no orders :slight_smile:


Best of luck for your future.
All you need is to work hard, and with passion.
and most importantly, follow the Fiverr rules.


Oh Thanks :slight_smile: need this appreciation from beginning but here mostly people pulling legs :smiley:


And You are telling that you are tired by sharing your gigs .But I can see that you haven’t shared much …Be patient and share your gigs on social media .And others website . Hope you will get many orders .

Best of luck .
And Fiverr is always good for everyone who are working by following the rules …


I have done everything dude :slight_smile: