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Fiverr still not a platform for major PRO to earn a living

Despite I’ve been so long fiverr seller on this platform, it still not a nice platform for the established sellers to earn a living. It feel quite fed up sometimes.

It’s not hard you try to price up your gig to basic starting at $50 and your sales instant slow down. I have no idea how the hell did those PRO earn can rely on fiverr for their sales which their price starts at $100. (luckily most of them not relying on fiverr)

The current business model seems leading to a wrong direction. It like you’re a mcdonalds, when your customer get used to having a cheap big mac burger and suddenly you want to transform to a luxury burger joint which selling high end cheeseburger. Obviously fiverr now want to rebrand itself to a PRO platform and want to wash away the cheapo $5 service freelance marketplace, but the current economy and what people thought of fiverr is hard to change in this shot of time (which is still a cheap platform).

Most of us are suffering during this period of a hard time.
They really need to think about this and provide a solution else it won’t go well in the end, probably very soon.


Hey Chris, first off I want to say that I feel for you! It’s frustrating trying to earn pro rates as a freelancer, and while Fiverr definitely had a reputation in the past for only offering cheap services, I think they’ve gone a long way in changing their business model and their approach. There are certainly a lot things that could be improved for pro-level sellers to make a big impact (like better metrics, more SEO control, lower usage fees from Fiverr, etc.), but I have been able to make a really good living (in the U.S., no less) using Fiverr as my primary freelance platform. It is definitely possible! Keep up the good work and sellers will definitely be willing to pay premium rates.


Yeah, fiverr is my main source of income but it just not as good as we expected.
I happy for you can use fiverr to earn a good living but it just not much happen on fiverr. My buyers also willing to pay few hundred for an order with my service but not much of them. It’s like 3/10 because fiverr brand itself as a cheap platform from the beginning, now it transiting to a PRO which takes time, pretty long time I worried.

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It’s a HUGE mistake in my opinion. In America we have an expression, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” I made over $70,000 selling at $10/$20/$30.

Now I’m making bupkis. I follow Fiverr’s rules, I take their optional tests, get good scores too, and does it make a difference? Nope, nothing changes.


Hey, @chrisdata!

The last time we chatted you talked about applying for Pro, have you heard back from them or got the rejection letter?

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No yet, still waiting.

Few days ago I saw a new PRO who offer similar gig to mine, if she can be a PRO in term of quality & service, I do not know why I can’t.

Some more I’m a fiverr TRS.

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It hurts!! I know, but the business model of fiverr is not deteriorating, lots of sellers on market.

They introduced pro, for getting more payment.

Fiverr upgraded, but it became way harder for sellers

Seems like you tried for it and failed, may be you don’t need that. If you failed, now give it a second, third, fourth thought.

You are already top rated.

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Be your self. Always upgrade to be the top one. If u are the real pro customer will find u.

Do you think Fiverr could be stricter in terms of use of famous characters/people in gig images/galleries for Fiverr Pro?

I don’t think so because I saw a PRO using a famous Game of Throne portrait character as her gig image.

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So either that Pro is a very pro Pro who somehow has the rights to use that image, or the hand-vetting team doesn’t have any GoT fans who recognized the image?
Seems Pros don’t automatically have superior knowledge about copyright and such than your average Fiverr seller then, good to know. Maybe a mandatory quiz about copyright and IP theft for own commercial gain for everyone in addition to the ToS quiz that some people suggested, would be an idea.


So I got to $50 this month (it was a $5 leap for me, my basic gig was $45 for over a year before that). My sales have been down since the middle of August so I figured I wasn’t losing anything if I tried.

I wouldn’t say it changed much. I’m still managing most of my workload but I have good enough returning customer base that keeps me going for now.

But the $5 gigs aside, hosting people who offer very similar services for $50 and $300 and showcasing them on the same page in search results is not a good look for either of those two people or the site in general.

I mean, technically, I get that the objective is to go pro but it won’t happen overnight and so far the transition is happening with the grace and the smoothness of a nuclear explosion.

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Good points now really fiverr is all about pro seller since pro seller services are too high $1000 etc so if some one order from pro seller and fiverr makes a big fee from pro seller.

i have seen two pros sellers using the same description copies. I was astonished that Fiverr could allow that. I wouldn’t know who copied who among the two, and yet they are pros on Fiverr. Copying each others description sales message word-for-word. So, disgusting.

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Hello, I’m a little confused.

Are you complaining that you increased your prices and found that people stopped buying your gigs?

Or that you want to still charge a low price but feel you can’t?

I kept my prices low until the end of last year and have found that I still have enough clients to do well here. There are many sellers with higher prices who find they get enough customers. I know some who have higher prices than I have and do very well. It’s all about your reputation on fiverr.

I see you have a great reputation and are a top rated seller. Maybe you could try adding a couple more gigs so that you have a variety of prices and services.

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I don’t agree with that. Think about chocolates, is Godiva’s really better than Hershey’s? I don’t think so. In the wrold of marketing, we see brands creating different perceptions in the marketplace. Haagen Dazs isn’t from Europe, that brand was invented to sound European, specially Dutch.

With wines, they have done blind testing between $10 and $100 wines, and the results are shocking, people often prefer the cheap stuff.

My point is that someone charging $50 might be charging for 10-years of experience and a particular process, while someone charging $5 might be doing it for fun or to earn experience.

Also, they have totally different buyers. Maybe Google can afford to pay $300 for an article, I can’t, most people can, most will pay $10 to $50 depending on the complexity.

By having everyone on the same search results, everyone gets a chance. Besides, if people want to search only Pro’s or only TRS, or only Level 2, there are things they can click to make that happen. Buyers should spend time getting to know the platform.

Besides, this is the review a pro seller got recently:

“rude. missed the mark. overpriced for unoriginal work. you get the same quality from the $5 to $40 folks. use them… save your money as it won’t get you better quality.”

His Basic Gig is $150, I’m not judging him, maybe that gig isn’t right for him, he’s very successful with his other gigs.

Besides, the work he does is subjective, it doesn’t matter if he charges $5 or $150, there’s no guarantee clients will like his work.


They don’t put Sketchers right next to the Nikes, though. In the discount bin you probably have a chance to stumble upon both in some unwearable size but that’s it.

My main worry is in my category — which is strictly visual medium — the average buyer can’t tell the difference between the $50 and the $500 product and it takes them seconds to form an opinion. Again, the average buyer, the one most of us are getting. Not the 22-year-old startup founder who throws ungodly sums of money in every direction until they go bankrupt or a charity who expects you to work for free because “think of the children”. And that undermines both depending on the buyer’s budget. It’s either “ridiculously overpriced” or “what’s wrong with it?”.

There are search filters, sure, but it’s an additional click or a few. And you need to find that filter. People can’t find a button to attach a file on this site (seriously), come on.

Your chocolates and your wines can be tasted to form an opinion. You don’t go “oh no” just by looking at the bottle. I’m, admittedly, a cheaper wine drinker but that’s because I prefer sweeter wines and they are considered subpar for some reason and tend to have a lower retail price.

Now I want some wine with chocolate truffles, dang it.

Uh, ahem, me too…* grabs wallet and heads outside *


Yes, chocolate and wine can be tasted, but there’s a difference between growing cheap wine and fine wine. The irony is that even the connoisseurs can be fooled.

My point is this, if I create a brand name for $10 and someone does it for $50 or $500, is there any difference? It’s up to the client to choose what he likes, and how much he paid won’t make a difference in the end. Crap is crap and quality is quality whether it costs $5 or $500.

It’s infuriating when I see others diminishing the $5 and $10 gigs. The reason we charge less is because we want to get orders, what good is charging $100 if nobody orders in an entire month?

For a guy like me, orders are great for my self-esteem, the more orders I get, the better I feel.

Others who do Fiverr as a hobby, who are happy getting 1-5 orders a month, they can afford to charge a lot more.

Let’s also remember that the exception doesn’t make the rule. If someone is charging $45 and has a queue of 5, 10, 20, that’s great. But if you do exactly what he’s doing, you’re not guaranteed the same results.

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