Fiverr, stop being so damn buggy!


That’s all.


I know right!


Faced at least 4 problems this week itself.

1.) To-do list issue

2.) Unread Messages

3.) Buyer messages vanishing.

4.) Delivery issues - Not able to upload file size 111.65 mb <150 MB limit.


Reply to @atechkid: had the same problems except #4


Reply to @est1990: Same here.


Reply to @kjblynx: My browser clears its history and cache every time it’s closed, but I still experienced all the same bugs.


I’ve had bugs 1 - 3 and many others. And they’re shutting down the old version tomorrow :frowning:


Let’s add some more:

  1. “We couldn’t associate the LinkedIn account.”
  2. Message that I have a link in my bio -> deleted my bio… Didn’t even save the text to let me edit.


Each week a few times week a buyer tries to leave a 5 star review but can only leave a 4 or 4.7 (?) star review. I have to get CS to fix it each time.


Mods please move this to the bug section for immediate review! :stuck_out_tongue: