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Fiverr Stop Charging Buyer's to Give Tips

Why are buyers charged $2 to give a $5 tip?
Fiverr stop being stingy.
Buyers would tip more and buy more gigs if Fiverr wasn’t “nickel & diming”


Annoying, yes, but nothing we can do about it.

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it’s to avoid sellers to deal by tips.

As every part of the world, there are seller which aren’t reliable, so in the past, here at fiverr, sellers started to do $5 orders, and ask for $100 tips, so the buyers didn’t need to pay taxes and 20% commissions.

Unfortunately they charge this, just because these kind of sellers. So who pay for this? the good sellers and buyers who always do the right thing


I can understand the 20% commission fee being taken from a tip to discourage misuse of the tip system, but the newish additional admin fee does seem a bit much. :slightly_smiling_face:


exactly, it’s discourage, but if there wasn’t for these unethical sellers and buyers, who found a way to contour fiverr 20% commission, maybe there would not exist fees and commission over the tips today.

We dont know if these fees are too much or not. Like I always say, nobody is forced to spend their money at fiverr. If fiverr raised their profits with these charges, then it’s not a bit much.

Also, we dont know if these charges are for take more profits or not, or if it’s only to pay necessary financial/transaction expenses. Paypal for example changed a lot lately, they may be charging more fiverr per transaction, but we will never know this.

I used to get tipped quite frequently. I have not had a tip since Fiverr instituted the $2 fee on tips.


100%. I used to average $50 in tips in my first 3 months (my first month I was tipped more than my projects earned, lol). I have yet to receive a tip since this fee was instituted. No complaints, but I also wouldn’t mind my buyers leaving me a tip.


I get one or two tips a month but it used to be one or two a week.

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I don’t get as many tips either, but, that is O.K. I understand the rule Fiverr has as far as taking a fee - as there would be people just doing workarounds to game the system. I do get tips every now and again, and am very appreciative, but they are never expected at all. I remember before they even introduced the Tip System after someone gets their order, we had to make our own Gigs that were solely to accept a tip for service provided.


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In the beginning ( as I’ve read on forum)
Fiverr didn’t use to charge buyer or seller for the tip
If buyer give 5$ tip seller would receive it in full but then buyer and sellers started misusing it and the feature was gone


I have also noticed a drop in tips since buyer fees were implemented. Feels bad man! And I have to overdeliver, to make up for the buyer fees. It just feels wrong to not to.

I believe the idea that Fiverr is charging admin fees on tips to discourage people from cheating the system is completely wrong.

When tips were first introduced if you bought a $10 gig, you certainly can not tip beyond $10. So that a seller would sell for $5 and asked for $100 in tips is completely impossible. Moreover, while would any seller risk his own earnings. What if the buyer doesn’t tip, who do you report to? The buyer is not in any way obligated to give you a tip, so I doubt any seller would ask to receive $5 upfront and $100 in tips after job is delivered and completed.


These are the changes done in the update in Fiverr system

The new fiverr is cash hungry

It doesn’t matter at all. Tips will continue being financial transactions, and it sill have fees over this. It discourage, but fiverr who decide this.

If this way work for fiverr company, why would they change this?

Fiverr is worried to to more profits, like any other capitalist company, also like every seller here. If it works, I respect their decision, even not liking this.

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So, basically, Fiverr is double dipping. They take 20% of your tip AND charge the buyer 2 to leave a tip. That's a crock of #!+. How is that fair?! I’ve been with Fiverr for like 7 years and it has definitely declined in quality.


Fiverr has to make money too.

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I don’t think they are making money by this update. Before this update if I made $500 sale, I used to get $200 tip, total $700. From this amount Fiverr used to get $140, now my $500 sale is just $500 and they get $100.

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