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Fiverr: Stop promoting Other Sellers Gigs in Mine

Fiverr is now putting two competing gigs right in the middle of ours and calling them “Recommended”

It’s hard enough to get clicks to our gig but now fiverr is enticing them away to other sellers!


On the other hand, Fiverr is doing the same thing to those recommended gigs. People might click over to those gigs, only to click away to other “recommended” gigs. :neutral_face:


And that just makes it worse.

There is no rhyme or reason to it. I saw one gig where one of the two “Recommended” gigs was another one of the same seller’s gigs. Just an anomaly of fiverr playing around with algorithms.

And it’s a total crapshoot. The recommendations usually have nothing to do with the subject of the present gig—at least they’re in the same category.

I don’t think anyone could see any good coming of this.


This could lead buyers to not focus, confuse and starting to compare sellers gigs, which is sellers who promoting their gigs only lead the traffic not sells on their own gigs.
But the question is, will the first seller who lead the traffic get profit if buyer buy some service from another sellers?

For example : I click @jonbaas promoting link, but after that I see @edlee_vo gigs is more interesting, so I decide to buy some service from @edlee_vo gigs and not buy anything from @jonbaas . so, will @jonbaas get profit from directing sells to @edlee_vo ?


Fiverr probably does. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have this feature in place. I’m not defending this on gigs, but, it it’s there, Fiverr has a reason for it being there that we may never know.

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So it’s okay with you if fiverr promotes Buyers away from your business because it’s good for fiverr?

Do you own stock?

The way I look at it, if a buyer doesn’t choose to purchase my services in this situation, then my service isn’t capturing their attention, and I need to fix that. Why should I worry about something I cannot control? I’ll just be the awesome seller that I am, and let the market decide whether or not I keep earning my sales.


See my comment directly above. :wink:

You can’t control it if you throw up your hands and let fiverr walk all over you.

I wonder what Ford would do if in all it’s ads on facebook, facebook “recommended” Chrysler?

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Fiverr is not “walking all over me”, I just don’t see it as a problem. My sales are doing just fine, and I am easily winning over my clients with a fantastic gig and top-quality service.

I see no point in joining the few “forum rioters” that are trying to collectively control Fiverr’s actions. Fiverr does what they do to improve their bottom line… and I do what I need to do to improve my bottom line. That’s how business works.


maybe they could starting to turn-on the profit from each click or the profit from every sells that directed from other sellers. :roll_eyes:

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How could you? This is new. Let’s give it some time.

This is sarcasm, right?

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no, it’s not :joy: just suggestion. That’s normal for knowing about this in the marketplace.

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I’m sure I’ll still be singing the same tune later on. It’s just not something that worries me. If my gig(s) is/are capturing buyer attention (as it/they most definitely is/are), then why should I worry about people going elsewhere – they’re not. They’re hiring me.

I have confidence in my services. I understand my competition, and I know what my target customers are looking for.

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That’s a nice way to describe dissent and constructive criticism. I don’t think fiverr needs a volunteer defense force. Although there are always those who feel personally wounded when the platform is criticised.


I don’t have the recommended section under my gig. All i see is another one of my gigs.

You have to look at your own gig with an incognito window or while you are not logged in. Just like a Buyer would see your gig.

Use search and look at other gigs in your category. If they have this then you can rest assured that you do too,’

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I support what I agree with, I critique what I don’t. Why does it matter whether I support or stand against something Fiverr does? Fiverr has boundaries… I work within them.

Certain sellers can complain, criticize, critique, and vocalize whatever they want on this forum. And while they are spending their time doing that, I am finding ways to succeed within the platform Fiverr provides. I would rather be earning income and helping my clients solve their problems, then spending my time doing something (complaining here on the forum) that earns me nothing.

I would think, as freelancers, those who seem eager to complain, would find better results by applying their time more productively. Fiverr will do what Fiverr chooses to do. And I will do what I need to do to earn an income, within their rules.

That is my professional stance on this issue. I don’t see it changing any time soon.

Really? Looks like a lot of parade raining going on over here. You seem to have time for that.

I certainly welcome your opposing views if you had any, but you are really only saying, “This won’t affect me, so *********** you.”

If that was all you said, and then left. I would say thank you.

Which I am saying now and ending this scintillating repartee which has gone off the rails.