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Fiverr stopped their help & customer service for new seller

i think fiverr close their customer service for new seller i send a more then 3 request for help in last 10 days but they did not reply my problem is related with withdrawal and gig’s related . now fiverr is changed. there is no place for new seller.


You probably didn’t search about recent customer support problems, did you?

Anyways, the customer support is very busy at the moment, been more busy since the start of this September. At the moment, CS support only replies after about 10 days on average. You must not spam them, 3 requests is A LOT. Be patient and you will get a response. Flooding CS with requests will make their responses even slower, you shouldn’t be doing that. I’d keep 1 request at minimum and wait for response instead of sending new ones. You should be doing that, too.


they are just busy to denied the working gig’s
today i had modified my gig and they denied at that time without any strong reason
and they will reply after 10 days. think how much my gig affected by that


There are some automated systems in place. The auto-denial was likely one of those.


ok i understand then please suggest me what so i do in these 10 days except waiting

You have 21 minutes of read-time shown on forum profile.

You can try to research the withdrawal question you have, see if it’s already been asked and if there’s an answer already provided. Same with the gig-denial. What reason were you given?


There are some automated systems in place,its bad for new seller


they have denied my video. and said you copied this video
but i was created this video myself in canva software
and i have source code as a proof but what is the use when they are not answering

Screenshot 2020-09-19 082024

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Is there music in the video? Maybe that’s what was flagged.


And that is exactly why their response time is so long. New sellers send tons of tickets, often about things they could have researched by themselves, and then nobody can get timely help.


no do not use music in this video

I read on the Fiverr forum once that if you send more than one request then CS will delete all of your requests because they consider more than one request to be spam!


Fiverr customer service need 10 business days maybe for reply.