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Fiverr storage drive


I’m not sure how many other sellers work on their gigs from multiple locations, but I know I do. I’m able to access the Fiverr website from work and spend time on my gigs during lunch.

The biggest challenge is that I’m not able to access my Google Drive from work, so I’m having to email myself Excel and Access files between my personal and work email accounts. I would really benefit from Fiverr offering a file storage service similar to Google Drive, even if it were a much more limited amount of storage space. Once a gig was completed, I could copy the file(s) to my Google Drive in case I need it in the future.

Just an idea! I would love to hear the thoughts of other sellers.


Reply to @dougdrex: Well, that sounds smart. Personally, I would adjust my gig delivery dates to ensure I’m never late and don’t have to work on Fiverr during work hours, but that’s just me.

The truth is that work is a distracting environment, the phone rings, people send e-mails, coworkers approach you, people ask you things, nosy jerks stand behind you. Even during your lunch hour some people might bother you, which is why I never eat lunch at work.


Be careful with doing Fiverr at work. I used to work for an ad agency and at first they were cool about it, they figure sometimes we have nothing to do so it’s fine if we’re on Facebook, reading blogs, etc. But then my boss got real bitchy about it because he thought it was interfering with my work.

Eventually I had to wait for him to leave the office to do Fiverr. He was so weird, so worried about what other people think when they see you on Fiverr. Really? When I see someone on Facebook I don’t judge them. We all need to take a break.

P.S. You can check your e-mail account from your phone.


Will your work allow you to use a thumbdrive? My company lets me, so I carry all my work on a 4GB mini that I bought at walmart.


I agree that discretion is important when doing Fiverr at work. I only do it during lunch or downtime where I’m waiting for a response or workload. I’m normally using spreadsheets or databases all day, so it doesn’t raise any red flags when someone walks by and sees me buried in Excel work.

My work computer will not allow anyone to save files to a thumb drive as it is a heavily regulated industry. That’s why I believe it would be helpful for Fiverr to offer the option of storing a minimal amount of files on a storage drive (even 2 GB would be great).