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Fiverr Story: 15 years old and traveling Europe


Hahahaha, who’s that message exactly meant for?


Looks like a “lady” who wants to travel Europe with you!
(I’m sure you know that is spam but in case you don’t - KEEP AWAY!!)


I already guessed so yes :wink: - Anyway @estherodion, if you want some tips about travelling Europe and you’d be in Belgium some day, text me again :wink:


wow, that’s amazing


It really is! And it’s only becoming better.


I am totally showing this thread to my 13, almost 14 year old son, who loves travelling and misses our old life where I used to travel for work all the time and often take him and his sister with me. I’ve been telling him he should start a fiverr gig and save for some travels of his own :slight_smile:


Awesome! It’s great :slight_smile:


Wow! I’m impressed. When I was your age all I knew was books and nothing else.
Hell, I haven’t stepped out of my country.


That’s terrific! All the best :smiley:


Thanks! (I’m going to Milan tonight :slight_smile: )


Congratulations on your success! :slight_smile:


@writer99025 I can not stop laughing after thinking of those hard days back when I was memorizing geometry formulas and history all day. Yes, I ended as one of the toppers but it is too funny to look back.


Hi Jonathan
I read your post, firstly I congratulation to make money with your own efforts. It is brilliant idea to make money very fast. I hope many other people inspired from your work and you shared your new stories with us.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


I love reading about 15 year olds who have a cooler life than me.


Its really amazing! Nice to here your success story in this age