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Fiverr strategy doesn't make any sense!

I use fiverr from two years as a customer and lately I decided to give it a try as a seller,
I carefully create my gigs to be high quality products, and the price strategy for me at the beginning was to drive people to make an actions by lowering my prices, and I got my first customer 2 days ago.

I changed the gig price to make it fare enough for me after I got a positive review from a customer, and now my gig disappear completely from the search result,

I read some people complain about the same thing here, for some people they wait more than 3 months, and that’s how fiverr punish people who change their price! It’s like fiverr pushing people to make gigs at low price.

And fiverr respond was “go and advertise your gig outside fiverr and bring your own customers”

Why I would share my revenue with someone doesn’t give me any advantages! If I advertise for my own gigs, and do all the work! then why I’m here!

Oh! you forget “buyer request” section! you can bring customers from there!
Well, It’s empty!, sometimes I see some random gigs not belong to my field at all!
other times the gigs doesn’t have enough info to give them a price, and you can’t even contact them to ask for more info!

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Oh, I’ve been changing the pricing on my gigs a lot! I change them very often. Except for that one time right at the start (when I made my gig), I’ve not had a problem with the gig listing since. I think it sometimes happens though and the best thing to do then would be to contact CS and they can get your gig back on the listing (if there’s some underlying technical issue on their end).

Here’s some info. on why you might be seeing a low number of BRs and what can be done in such situations-

Hmm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

• Tags
• Title
• Description
• Price
• Gig images or video
• Sellers count

That’s what makes your gig appear and disappear or appear. Again but detailed:

  1. Tags :pencil2:
    You need to create tags which you think a buyer is most possible to write in the search. Never do two words in one tag. (SEO)

  2. Title :pencil2:
    The title should contain some of the words of the tags to appear. (SEO)

  3. Description :memo:
    The description should contain all of the tags. (SEO)

  4. Price :moneybag:
    Price should be reasonable.

  5. Gig images or video :file_folder:
    Buyers love watching videos instead of boring images.

  6. Sellers count :slot_machine:
    Every seller wants his GIG to appear at first. Even new sellers. For example sellers offering Logo Design are 52561:


Also, when a seller has orders, it’s possible to go back in results because Fiverr gives the opportunity of having orders to new sellers too.

Hope that help you understand how Fiverr works! :wink: Go ahead! :rocket:

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Fiverr search algorithms work very differently. there is no one can give you a perfect answer about this.
Gig ranking and position all depend on different types of criteria.


  • Positive reviews
  • your gig price
  • your communication
  • market of your gig
  • Your response time
    and many more…

That’s doesn’t work for me at all, I made all the suggestion tips, nothing changed at all…

Okay I’m gonna check these again :thinking: thanks

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“Your gig price” okay they can make it at the last page, but removing it completely! I have a gig with only 3 pages compitetors!

I am sorry it didn’t work out for you… But this has been my experience with CS-

I’ve had this (my gig being removed from the Fiverr search) happen to me in the past and I immediately contacted CS. They got back to me within 24 hours with a snapshot attached to the e-mail indicating that they had rectified the situation and that my gig was now showing on the Fiverr website listing.

Although the response time might vary from one CS request to another, I am sure they will be able to help you out.

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Okay I will try to contact them again :slight_smile: thanks for your time



contact to fiverr customer support

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