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Fiverr Studios?

Hey there beautiful people Ive been on Fiverr for 30 Days now and I am arleady eligible for Level 1 Seller when I reach 60 Days Selling Seniority so overall my experience so far in this community has been amazing . Maybe I am thinking toooo faaarrrr but I was wondering if with the level promotion comes also the Fiverr Studio Feature . Because I would love to open a Studio some day :slight_smile: Ive been trying to read posts about this subject and all that I could figure out Is that the Fiverr Studio feature is only availabale to some sellers ! So my question is this : What are the criteria to unlock the Fiverr Studio Feature ? And how exactly should proceed ? Is there any written request that has to be made or how does this work ?


The Studio feature is still in Beta. Those eligable are chosen manually. No way to apply for it …


As well as being picked manually, I think they don’t normally give it to level 1 sellers. It would be easier to be picked to become a studio member than a studio lead I think. You’ll stand much more chance of getting picked to be a studio member when you’re level 2 I think. Studio leads are probably mostly TRS and level 2 and probably not any lower level unless they’re Fiverr Pros.


It is explained here:


I have had the option to be a member since day one. However, I have not been contacted by any studio leads.