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I’m just speechless. What was this? Reading a couple points we had already gotten just from the e-mail and then answering 2 questions (that had already been answered by the slides) and that’s it? This was one of the worst presentations I’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously baffled. They get 3 people to talk for 5 minutes (combined!), one guy they picked for the thickest accent they could find to answer the questions, and he just goes over 2 of them with no information (conveniently things that had already been explained) and then they are in a hurry “we don’t have more time, thank you all”. Wtf.


I hope the theatrical release is more exciting.

By the sounds of your review, we’re looking at a dud.

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I’m sensing another “milestones” type feature - utterly useless for sellers, and actually a bad deal vs making individual orders. I now have a client that makes one order every day, and this new feature doesn’t seem like it would help at all, quite the opposite.

What we need is a retainer type deal - client pays a fixed amount per month/week, upfront, and can renew it at will. The fee for Fiverr should be lower than the 20% as well, since this means recurring revenue for them and would incentivise its use and client retention through drop in pricing (sellers could pass the 10% less in fees as discount to the client).

This is not that, at all. It’s just a worse way to have a simple order be placed automatically each month. You can offer a discount (that clients will want and start expecting), and make less money by absorbing the discount yourself, instead of Fiverr, to do exactly the same as you could do before with an individual gig per deliverable. Not to mention if the client decides to cancel after a one month project with tons of deliverables, you’re screwed, vs individual orders where you would be charging per deliverable and only moving to the next when the previous was locked and the money on your side. This is just bad.


I had high expectations for this feature and I was hoping I would be one of the first to get it.

Like you I was hoping I could start working with clients on a retainer, which is something a lot of companies prefer.

Do you have the feature enabled on your account?


Rolling out next week, but from what they said (or avoided saying, quite frankly) on the call, it seems to be a bad deal overall. No advantages, and plenty of drawbacks.

Oh man, sounds like I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

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Just read my post above, I explain exactly why it won’t work. Not all of this is known, they didn’t talk about Fiverr’s commission, or a lot of those details, but if they were great for us they would certainly have. This, from my analysis of what was said, will just be a way to have an order automatically placed every month, be paid at the end after revision like a normal order (even if it takes one month and has 30 discrete deliverables in it). All of this, that benefits you in… no way (vs doing a single or multiple normal orders), will come at the cost of you being able to offer a 5,10 or 20% discount on subsequent orders after the first one. Or the cost of getting a client trying to cancel after a month. So nice.

Oh, and btw - no custom offers for now. Just standard packages. Hit a button, subscribe to a freelancer, like we’re Netflix. He’ll even (be pressured to) give you a discount!

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Sounds like you’d need to create a specific gig to make sure this makes sense for your business.

Since there’s no way to create custom offers.

But even then, it would give you no advantage whatsoever vs just sending a client an offer every month. There’s no point to it.

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I tried to log in but it asked all kinds of things so I gave up. is it that all people who got invite to event will have this feature?

Yes, it is not good but every feature more on my account is getting me closer to logo maker option…

I was there and I had one of my questions answered because I asked it in the Q&A Chatbox as opposed to the regular Chatbox which is what one of the presenters, Beth, had suggested. Either way I’m unsure on whether or not I’ll be using the function, I have an idea for it but I’d need to create another gig within the next couple of days which is time consuming. I still have a few questions and I think I’ll be asking via that e-mail they provided at the end.

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Why? Is it time sensitive? How will you know that you have this option, will it appear in your profile?

And I thought video will be available since I could not log in to event. So there is no other way to get more info then this one video today?

I received invite and made ticket, but when i wanted to join it asked me to signup for another site and I was not clear why. How could I book a ticket from Fiverr message but cant join event without signing up.

I used the Q&A chat box. No answer. I didn’t write anything on the main chat.

They did 3 minutes of introductions and 2 minutes of QA, to answer like 3 questions that were total softballs. An event with a “Q/A” that starts at 18:00 and finishes before 18:15… hmm. This was just too weird.


If I remember correctly it’ll be added on the 25th and those that were notified via Fiverr about the feature and virtual seminar will have access to the option. It’s limited to 7 categories right now.

They said once they got some feedback about the feature it would/could become public for all sellers but I could be misquoting that last part. Anyway since you did receive the notification I’d imagine you would have access, although it’s strange you couldn’t get the ticket without signing up, I’ve never had any issues with Eventbrite.

EDIT: I forgot to mention they said the recording of the seminar would be added in a weeks time but I don’t remember them saying where.

That sucks, you should definitely e-mail them though, I’m guessing it’ll be a few days before a reply but worth it imo.

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