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Fiverr subspended my user of support portal

A 3 months ago I worked for a buyer for order worth 120$ and last month due to some issue as buyer end the amount was reverted to their account so fiver cancled my those orders and put the balances as pending in my account.
I talk to the buyer they cleared the matter sent money back to fiverr , then even told fiver support that money is returned back but see what happened,
Fiverr not listeneing to my client not to me and the worst thing is that they suspended my access to support becasue they are unable to resolve the matter.
This is â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  stupid and insane.
How can this be reported ? This is not acceptable , fiver play games now???
they first help money for 14 days as gaurentee that payment dont go away then after 2 month they revert it back? why is that my fault? or any seller fault? and the behaviour what fiverr showes is unbearable, based on that they took off my level 1 seller badge too if they cant take the responsibility then for what stupid reason they are charging us 20% of the plateform fee?

Any help?


So the amount of the order was put back in the buyer’s account and then it was put back as pending in your account? So if it’s pending that means that after it clears you will have it available to withdraw. There is no loss to you. Just wait for it to clear.

Buyer could be not telling the truth to you.

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No its not.
Buyer sent back to fiver,
But fiverr have not cleared in my account .,
I did an order last week for 25$ and they cut that too, so fiverr means I need to pay them back

Means, I did work, gave fiverr fee and now they are asking me to pay that ammount which wa again mine and I have to pay them back. crazy shitt

I know the buyer , and they shared the trasaction logs with fiverr too.
If buyer is lieing then why would they offer me upfront to pay me that loss??
I still want it to be resolved by fiverr, but then what they did is simply blocked my access to support portal forever.

That shows you owe fiverr $88.80.

If buyer refund from his card fiverr can’t do anything.
It’s also happened with my friend.
I think it’s a very Odd process!

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Yes becasue fiverr already deducted my last earninign to I still need to pay them 88.80$

So what makes you think fiverr is going to give it back to you? It looks like the buyer did a Paypal chargeback which means that fiverr lost the money.

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Take a look

So you are suggesting I should simply keep quite and let them do their shit???
Is that your suggestion Crystal??

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Why so rude? I am not doing anything but trying to understand this.

If you talked to customer support this way that’s why they blocked you.

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Yeah, it was a creditcard payment, and buyer settled the matter from their bank to send that amount back to fiverr.
And is that my fault that buyer did that?
Why would I need to paythem back??

That’s probably not true. The buyer probably did a chargeback.

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Sorry Never meant to be rude with you or any one, but I was soft thoughout the process but they simpley kep sending those canned responses

They did, I agree .
then I discussed with the buyer and they simple reverted that charegback.

I can’t quite understand what’s going on with this. Generally once they do a Paypal chargeback the money is gone. Not sure what this is but so far it looks like fiverr is not returning it to you.

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After complete Order, Why and How buyer refund from card!
If he refund flowing fiverr process that’s ok no problem.

How did you talk to the buyer? When they do a chargeback their fiverr account is automatically banned and gone.

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They are not returning it and they are charging me back for those 120$, so its double earning…
they got payment from buyer and now chargin me too and are not looking to resolve that.
Buyer is also too pissed becasue of that

How or where did you talk to the buyer after the chargeback if his account is gone from fiverr?