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When Will We Have Fiverr Success Manger?
Is it depend on Number of Reviews or amount of Business We do on Fiverr ?


I’ve never had one so I don’t know how they choose who gets one.
I do well here and have been here for years but wouldn’t mind having one to ask questions of, in particular
the statistics they give their clients which most sellers do not see.


I know several people at level 2 and TRS that have one and they have anywhere from a couple of hundred sales to several thousand. I think all the ones I know have at least 98% positive rating but not all have perfect ratings The only thing I see in common among them is that have all made sales on a routine basis with the usual ebb and flow.

Of course, I know a lot of sellers who match all that criteria and don’t have success managers. I don’t have one. I suppose they spot pick here and there from sellers who have potential to improve even more. Fiverr has not spoken much about this is any official way,