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Fiverr success trips

hey , how to rank gig in fiverr neurally ?
please give me some trips as a new worker , how to success firstly?


There are some tips may help you :

Image and video

If you want your GIG to have a better click-through rate, you must have a good main image or video. Humans are visual animals. In many search results, you must first see the image before you see the title price, etc. other things. Therefore, your picture is very important. The more eye-catching the better if it does not violate the rules.

GIG description

GIG description is mainly to explain your GIG and what services you can provide. Generally use three-stage.

In the first paragraph, briefly introduce yourself, such as having a lot of experience in this skill service.

In the second paragraph, describe the specific related services that can be provided.

In the third paragraph, what information needs to be provided by the customer, if not, you can directly explain it.

Other property settings

The product attributes under the package should be set as detailed as possible, but set within the range you can do. Focus on revisions, this is the number of revisions that can be made after submission. Many students like to set it to unlimited, that is, unlimited times, thinking that this will attract customers more. Here I want to remind everyone that it is very difficult to get your customers selected because you can revise unlimited times. Everyone can think about how difficult it is to be a person who is particularly concerned about this point. This kind of customer is generally of no value, and it is easy to give bad reviews, so it is best not to set unlimited revisions. Generally set 3-5 times.

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