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Fiverr Sucks for Unpopular People

It’s pretty sad that you have to thousands of followers on social media in order to be successful on Fiverr. I’ve been on Fiverr for 8 Months and only received 1 gig. My gigs only have 9 to 82 impressions. And it’s impossible to get more. Why? Because I’m not popular enough on social media.

Plain and simple, Fiverr should have a section that randomly displays gigs that don’t have much exposure to help everyone out, not just the top sellers, who definitely got there because they have a lot of followers on social media.

It’s like high school. You only go places if you’re popular.


That is not the case at all. If you have great skills and know marketing techniques, you will succeed.

I barely use my personal social media, and I have less than 200 friends on Facebook and 20 connections on LinkedIn. I do not use Twitter or Instagram… I have a YouTube channel, yes, but I do not reveal my identity on there.

I have gotten success on Fiverr without a social media presence, and I have definitely never been popular anywhere.


No, you don’t.

There are top rated sellers with barely any followers, or with no presence on social media.


You forgot the most important part. Someone to market to. If you’re not popular on social media (or other places), you have noone to market to. Let’s say I have 5 friends. And I market to those 5 friends. And I get a 1% response rate… oh, wait. That’s 0 exposure. Now, let’s say I have 20,000 followers and I get a 1% response rate. That’s potentially 200 people that can see my gigs. I don’t see how it’s possible to find success on Fiverr without being popular.


You can buy Facebook Ads, or you know… try to attract the millions of people already on Fiverr through an eye-catching gig image, attractive pricing, positioning your gig clearly on the market, and writing a selling gig description. You can also respond to Buyer Requests.

I have NEVER marketed my gigs on social media.

Also, do not focus so much on your friends. They are most likely not your target buyers. Find out who your target buyers are and how to attract them.


Eye catching gig images serve NO PURPOSE if Fiverr doesn’t allow them to see it. And Facebook Ads is a scam. I’ve been there done that. You pay for an alleged 300 to 500 visitors to your website and all they give you is 3 to 20 likes from people from India.


You know, you can target your Facebook Ads by location and interests, right?

I think it would be helpful for you to read some books on marketing. A good one that I read in college is “Principles of Marketing” by Phillip Kotler and Gary Armstrong.


It would be nice if Fiverr wrote 5 lines of code and spent literally 4 minutes of effort to get the low selling people more gig orders. But, I guess that would make it too easy for people lol


Yes, if I target my exact city and surrounding cities, or the United States, or whatever. And add some interests. You still get a bunch of irrelevant likes and ZERO visits to your website. BTW, I have spent the last 12 years studying SEO and Marketing. I know all about it. But, SEO doesn’t apply in Fiverr apparently so none of that knowledge works here. I know how to market, but because I don’t have anyone to market to, that knowledge doesn’t work either. I would literally have to pay $0.10 to $2.00 per click for advertising, which is a possibility. But guaranteed, it would take $100 or more in marketing just to find ONE customer that way.


Well, it seems like you know everything about Fiverr already. Good luck on your Fiverr journey.


I’m just saying. I’ve tried EVERYTHING everyone has suggested I do. I’ve taken the advice others have given. Including what you’ve told me. Nothing has worked yet, in 8 months of trying. The main response, especially from Fiverr themselves, is… “share more on social media”, which doesn’t work if you’re not popular. I have over 200 friends on Facebook, but the majority of those are family and friends I know personally. I’ve learned, family and friends purposely don’t click on things you post because they just don’t care.


Totally not true. When I was starting I didn’t have many followers and right now it doesn’t affect fiverr at all.
Just to give an idea: I’m an old seller and for the last couple of months my impressions were the same as yours. But I’m still selling. Of course with a lower volume but I do have orders. So you can also get orders with those impressions.
Social media and fiverr are not conected.


I just guess most people don’t care what kind of experience you have. You just need a better image. It’s kind of ironic that you need to pay a Fiverr seller to make you an image in order to get your own Fiverr customers. Experience you have is irrelevant.


Except for Fiverr Pro where it’s one of the things they ask about (they’re probably more likely to accept an application if someone has many social media followers).

Though I think things like sending offers to buyer requests if you’re not getting orders normally could help. Having a short enough response time might help too.

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My response time I think is 1 hour. I have a 5.0 star rating from the one customer I was able to pick up (7 months ago). I have 2 passed skills tests on my profile. I have 12+ years experience (noted on my profile). The only thing I can think of is my cover image for my gigs. I’m not a graphic artist. Maybe I should try paying someone (ironically on Fiverr) to make my gig photos for me.


It doesn’t say a response time on your profile for some reason (maybe the last response was >60 days ago) but on your gig page it says “2 days” for the response time which might affect orders/messages maybe.

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Yea, I know. I couldn’t find it either. But the last I remember, it was 1 hour.

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And that 2 days thing I believe should have an improved algorithm. I think I got that because I didn’t respond to a scammer. I guess I have to respond to all scammers.


If you didn’t respond to them at all (and didn’t flag it) it would only have affected your response rate, not response time.

You’re either not standing out enough in the SERPs to get clicks on your gig, or you’re getting clicks on your gig, but something about your offering and positioning isn’t connecting with buyers.

I know it’s frustrating, but it’s on you to figure out which of those is the case, and then fix it.

Check your gig analytics for the past couple of months. Look at your Impressions and Clicks, and see how they stand-up. Does it look like traffic is your issue? If so, yeah… maybe investing in some more eye-catching thumbnails is the way forward. If you’re getting the clicks, then you need to pull your gigs apart and figure out why what you’re offering isn’t resonating with your potential customers.

Maybe your Description needs rewriting? Perhaps you need to add videos?

Our Socials for Cubitt Audio have less than 100 followers, combined. All our business comes from within Fiverr. THIS is where the buying traffic is… If you can sell here, THEN you can start pushing social media to try and bring outside traffic to Fiverr. But you’ve got to crack it here first.