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Fiverr Suddenly Denied 7 Years Old Gigs, Can't Restore?


My long time running social promotion gigs have been closed down. :weary:

My gigs offer niche-related promotions through my twitter accounts, which were listed as part of the gigs description, so people will know what they are buying ofcourse.

I’ve gotten a few modification requests before to them, which I tried to comply by removing the direct links to the twitter pages.

A couple days ago, I got a modification request, because they contain contact details.

I’ve tried editing to the gigs, but they were in the DENIED section, where I couldn’t even access EDIT for the gig page.

Asking support, I got a response that they can not restore the gigs.

These were long running gigs, with thousands of orders and 4.9 rating.

Is there any solution for this, or is Fiverr support really unable to do anything with this??


That has happened with me once. I had an account earlier and fiverr disabled it. Earlier a gig has been denied.
I tried 6 month but couldnt restore it


Fiverr has been removing gigs that in some way violate the terms of service of other sites such as twitter.

It might be the reason.


I can see why Fiverr don’t want people to share their contact information, but the gigs were connected to twitter.

I didn’t ask the buyers to contact me directly on twitter, only to let them know where their promotion will show up.

I’ll gladly revise the gig description, and remove all mentions of twitter handle, if that’s what really needed, but support hasn’t been very supportive in achieving this.


Not nice how they treat veteran sellers that have been here for longer than most of the staff!

Though I didn’t see you mention what was the official reason in the mail you received?

If the reason is odd (Like gig not appropriate), then I would recommend to contact support again, and provide stats of your services. Total revenue, sales, ratings etc. Show them how many people have loved your services over those 7 years and how people depend on them. Compare your gig to competitor’s gigs. If you get returning buyers asking where your services are, then that helps too. Ask them to take a second look at it, and tell them that it seems to be a mistake. :thinking: And also tell that you’re ready to edit the gigs if there’s something still wrong with them. Good luck!


Did you see my answer?

It might be because it is against the terms of service of twitter.


Offical reason is as follows:

“Contains contact details - We noticed that your Gig contains contact information. To protect our buyers and sellers and to promote a safe working environment, we ask that you do not exchange personal contact information (e.g. Skype, email, phone number, social media information, etc.). Please don’t share contact information when creating a new Gig.”

Support seems to take it as face value, and not see that it is not my personal twitter account I’m referring, only my business ones, that are related to the gigs.

If I have the chance, I’ll gladly edit the descriptions, but I’m stuck with support not telling me how to do that.


A business account that is shown on your gig description is a way for people to contact you so you can’t list it in your gig description. I’m sorry this happened to you. They don’t give people a chance to edit gigs that are violating a rule.


There is nothing against the ToS in the gigs themselves, only that they mentioned where the promotions will be at.

I only need to edit out the mention of the twitter accounts, but when they are in the DENIED section, I’m not able to do that.


But what about in twitter’s terms of service? Do they allow what you were doing?


Yes, but what does Twitter ToS has to do with this?


Fiver removes gigs now that violate the terms of service of other sites.


Okay, but that isn’t the reason the gigs were denied…


Over a week, and the support hasn’t even returned to me on the ticket I opened. Not a single word.

Very disappointed, I’ve been on Fiverr for 7 years, didn’t think support can be so… unsupportive…