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Fiverr Suggestion for Live Communication Tool for Consultations, Psychic and Spiritual Services

Does anyone know if Fiverr has any plans underway for a Live Communication Tool? I would prefer to do psychic and spiritual readings with a messenger that Fiverr develops for exclusive use here. Something like someone might see on psychic websites with live operators who do readings via chat.


Mme. Cynthia

I would love if they did something like that! It would certainly be easier to do tarot.

According to the ToS, you are allowed to have off-of-platform contact if your gig necessitates it. I know it’s not the single most graceful solution, but Skype, etc can serve as a surrogate for live readings.

A bunch of us talked about it here. :point_down:t4:

I remember reading somewhere here that someone’s account was terminated due to that. Something like Fiverr-style Yahoo Messenger would do wonders. I will have a closer look at the TOS.

Thank you!

Mme. C.

Thank you, nikavoice. I shall have a closer look at that now. :slight_smile:

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