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Fiverr suggestion: I hope Fiverr will protect SELLER more


Fiverr just allow one of my bad buyer to change the review from 5 star to 1 star.

Here is what’s going on?

I deliver the order. Order completed and buyer left 5 star review. All done.

Later on, buyer come and ask for more, demand with un-reasonable, he paid $5 and want everything out of it.

I said NO first time.

He continue asking and threat to go with dispute. I got mad and say something ins’t nice to him. But he deserved it.

He go to Fiverr support and ask to change the review to 1 star.

I don’t think it is fair. Fiverr doesn’t care, they just turn down seller.

I hope thing will change, this is not the FIRST time I got this.



Contact Fiverr support and ask them to remove that buyer feedback.


I just did but I’m not sure they will do that. Thanks anyway.


You should take care of what you’re saying.
Even if he swear to you first, you still have to act professionally and talk nice.

Do not go down on his level, just be a leader. :slight_smile:

Hope you will fix that feedback with Fiverr CS and next time, be kind.


One of the worst things to do is not to be nice to a bad client - saying something that isn’t nice to your client, no matter how rude they are, is usually a lack of professionalism from the seller’s side. I’ve talked about this with CS before, and they were very clear that a seller must be polite and professional at all times even when the buyer isn’t nice at all (you have to learn to control your anger and direct it somewhere else - go chop some wood or something to get the anger out).

If Fiverr changed his rating to 1 star, you just lost all leverage of changing it back because you didn’t behave politely and you weren’t nice to your buyer :frowning: If you would have kept your cool, you would have had an advantage and Fiverr may have quickly fixed the problem…

So you said something not nice to them - did that make you feel good? I bet it did, but just for a moment, because from what I see now you feel worse.

Why am I telling you all these? Because I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve done the same in the past, and I’ve learned my lesson. Now, whenever I see a buyer behaving badly, guess what I do? I am glad because I now have leverage over the client, and I can ask CS to do or change things just because of how that buyer behaved or treated me. And I talk politely to the buyer, and if I really need to threaten the buyer I will do so by using a formal legal-like language and make references to the Terms of Service and how they broke the rules.

P.S. read the Terms of Service page, learn it & make it your friend, you can’t imagine how much power it gives to a seller in such scenarios :slight_smile:


Yes fiverr not changing that. Actually I have 1k positive reviews got only 1 negative review same like you. I contacted fiverr but no change in that.


Thanks for all suggestion. It meant a lots. I guess I learn my lesson and I will have to learn how to control my emotion more.


If you have 1,000 positive reviews, 1 negative review is not going to hurt you. Move on, keep delivering great work. That one negative review means that you have a 0.001% negative rating. If that looks extremely small, is it. Don’t worry about it. :wink:


Thanks for your support. Hope for best.


Thanks. I have few negative review actually, I just want to prevent this from happen again. And thanks for all great comments, it does help a lots.


I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Could you rephrase your comment in clearer English?


Unfortunately, not at all. And yes, your post does give me “mind pain”. :wink:


Hello, I totally have the same problem. I had a customer I dealt with all the time, and did half her work but could not meet her deadline. I was in communication and asked her to mutually cancel. I did not realize she didn’t have a mutual cancel just a late cancel button—so NOT HER but the SYSTEM automatically plummeted me with one star feedback. I wrote to fiverr over and over and so did the customer. They claim the feedback remains and that it’s against them to remove any feedback. I also asked the customer to write them and they accused me of guilting her into it. I’m currently putting my experience in blog posts and articles because Fiverr doesn’t care about the instant one star feedback hurting it’s sellers. I’m glad you wrote this post.


Demanding more than what was purchased is against the rules, so always report a buyer that does so. Not sure about the feedback though, despite being directly related to the demand that is not allowed.


Thanks a lot for your suggest .