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Fiverr be like “I see you looked at that one gig that offered voicemail services, here are 80 more suggestions for the billiondy phones you own”

Dear Fiverr, just because I look at one gig, doesn’t mean you should suggest me every voicemail gig under the sun! You are acting like YouTube now!


“I see that you looked at your own gig to see how it looks to buyers. Here is everyone else who offers similar services and a couple who have copied your gig description. Perhaps you should buy from them?”


Not to mention, the Gmail notifications “Looking for blah blah blah … Stop browsing. Start doing.”

I was just… checking:roll_eyes:


I have received messages from people that are clearly not based in the countries where they claim to be. Is there some way that verification of accounts home country? The reason why I mention this is because I have my time wasted by people who have no intention of buying from me and just want to get information free of charge. It is sometimes clear in the first message that I receive from time wasters and the Fiverr system scores my performance based on how quickly I respond, when I really feel these people are not genuine customers…

I only joined Fiverr a few months ago and cannot remember how I verified my identity. I know confirmation by email was done, and can’t remember if I was asked to verify by my phone, maybe there should be confirmation by telephone too as that will identify the country that the person is based. Thoughts?