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Fiverr Super Bug

A buyer orders one order in two parts, each one costing $300. I completed the first part completely and got the feedback and rating both, in the second part somewhere around 80% the buyer started to feel that he is overpaying and can complete the website by himself.
When I refused to cancel the order he got the refund of the second part through chargeback, I reported that to Fiverr and in honour of that great deed of a very valuable client cancelled the first half part also and gave him the entire refund, wasting my 1 week of hard work and giving confidence to more scammers.
Now the funny part is that I am getting a notification to deliver the cancelled order, also they blocked my withdrawals stating that a buyer is not satisfied with the delivery and get back to him pledging to release my funds.

Fiverr, I think you are going very-very wrong way.


How you built the website? You just provide the coding? and allow buyer to upload him/herself?

Website are built on our sub domain and when we receive the last part of the delivery then only we transfer them on client’s server.