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Fiverr Support always favour buyers


Even if you have delivered your service, order is marked as complete.
Buyer left review everything is done.

Buyer can come back after 1 month ask you to do something or else he will open Ticket cliam he is not happy and get you demoted.

One ticket closes he opens another, you get warning and demotion and finally fiverr refund to the buyer.

You cannot do anything.

They do not care even if you delivered everything buyer himself said everything is working fine that’s why he marked order as complete left review.

This is a great way to get free work.

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I am really really upset with how the support team handles tickets.


What was the issue? Did buyer open a ticket after he rated the order and got refund?


Buyer rated 5 star.
After 25 days he opened ticket for refund.

Fiverr says if customer is not satisfied they have to cancel order and refund.


Yes. You are absoutely right


Yes you are right. But fiverr should listen both side. But they always believe what say buyer. There is no value for sellers. They don’t care sellers hard work.


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Bad idea to give step by step instructions to potential scammers - it might happen to you again. :wink:


If Fiverr doesn’t care why should I care.
If they want to stop they they should not let it happen at the first place.

First you complete work, wait 3 days for confirmation or buyer acceptance, then wait another 14 days to get verified.
Then use that money to pay your dues and Fiverr comes back after another 10 days saying buyer is not happy so we decided to refund.

Then why should buyer not use this.

Can sellers get paid saying I worked so many hours but buyer is not accepting order?
If buyer denies to accept work there is sure shot cancellation nobody asks how much you worked.

But if buyer accepted works then also he can get refund.


Because it might happen to you again - I was actually being serious.

I agree it shouldn’t happen like that BTW.



You are absolutely right, recently I worked on a project, I pointed out their 6 domains on one hosting. Installed & Setup WordPress, theme, and designed their entire website as per his requirements.

And I didn’t even take much money for this project. I am not worried about money I love to do work for my passion.

Now, I finished their work with honesty and delivered to him.

One more thing to notice is that the customer did not give me an instant response within 1 hour or 2 hours, they take 8 hours or 9 hours for any response.

When I delivered their work, now they said to do more work. I said that dear Sir, I have already done their entire work. Please write your valuable feedback. I would heartily appreciate your corporation.

Now, The client gave me one star me rating for my experiences and said that I threatened to force for rating

I tried to understand to the client, I said that if you are not happy with my service, Please cancel your order and modify your review. Yes. Customer satisfaction is my first priority. The client did not agree to modify the review.

Now, I went to Fiverr support and said that please help me regarding to modify the feedback and said also if the client has not satisfied with my work please cancel the order.

Fiverr customer cancelled their project and refunded their money also.

I tried many time contact with Fiverr customer, I wrote, you can cancel someone project and refund money but cannot modify the feedback.

After that Fiverr Customer did not respond to me anymore.

Yes. I can say that Fiverr is only supported for Buyers. They are not supported for honest sellers.

Yes. from their one rating I hurt very much and I want to left fiverr.


This is really unfair. If buyer has rated order with 5 stars, it means he has satisfied with delivery. There should not be cancellation after review. Really too scared.


Well I will suggest to accept 1 star rating if work got completed and you got paid.

Do not think much about 1 star rating, when you have 100 5 star it doesn’t matter. Asking for feedback modification also affect your search rankings and Fiverr put you down in search results.

Beside you also lost the hard earned money and time.
Customer satisfaction is must but sometimes you cannot satisfy some customers, they need more and more until you get irritated.


Same thing happened to me. Got an order canceled by CS today because the buyer said he wasn’t satisfied with the work. He contacted me first and I told him I have delivered as I advertised. The next thing I get is a mail from support saying order has been canceled. They didn’t even check or ask my side of the story. It is really sad but it is what it is. It is a fact we will have to live with as long as we continue to sell on Fiverr.


I think you need to better pick your buyers, this has never happened to me, perhaps instead of just accepting every order that comes in, you can talk to your buyers and better understand their needs so you know how to please them.

This usually vets out all fake or mean buyers.


You usually never choose your buyers or cannot know them completely with few chat.

I too am doing freelancing on fiverr sonce last 1 year, and have meet this kind of buyers this month only.

If you haven’t meet its not you will never meet such buyers.

If fiverr allow these kind of cancellation, what is even the logic of customer acceptance, 3 days waiting, 14 days security period.
Everything seems waste if they can cancel it after 20-30 and any number of days. Just buyer have to open multiple tickets.


This would a practical suggestion if it weren’t for the fact that all cancellations count against the seller, even when the work hasn’t been started and nothing’s been delivered.

Mutual cancellations for unnecessary orders used to be fine - they’re not now. If OP cancels an order it counts against his completion rate instead.


If you’re getting unnecessary orders, it’s because your buyers aren’t understanding your services precisely. Look at your gig pages from different perspectives and see how you could decrease the surplus of unnecessary orders.


I think you may have misunderstood my post - I wasn’t talking about my gigs in particular - I was referring to the fact that any cancellation e.g. the OP not accepting every order (i.e. mutual cancellation) would count against their completion rate.


I don’t know, I think this is a problem that can be easily fixed by putting yourself in the mind of the buyers and anticipating them. That’s my point. Most problems in sales are solved that way, including this one I think.


I don’t think that actually is the problem. For example, what if someone places an order that’s against the TOS, or is something I don’t personally agree with and/or can’t reasonably complete within the given timeframe, and they do so without consulting me? Should I be punished for that?

Under the current system, I would. You can’t anticipate that if they don’t communicate with you and refuse to read your gig description.


If it’s against TOS fiverr will take care of it, and I’m sure you can let them know about it and mention that you’d like to make sure the cancellation didn’t affect you as it was against TOS and they’ll take care of that.

If they aren’t communicating with you, then you need to make sure that’s a first! A top priority should be that initial message, if not then making sure that you address the issue quickly, like if the issue is the timeframe, talk to them and send a extension of time request.

I don’t think you should be punished at all, that’s not the issue. The issue is that the system is in place to protect the majority of users, which is why it supports the buyers, most sellers are doing there thing without much issue, which means this sort of issue is in the minority. As such, the discussion should be geared toward making it better, not re-adjusting a very well crafted system that protects most users.

This is my opinion, feel free to disagree. Just think we’d have a much better time thinking of strategies we can implement to minimize this type of interactions rather than thinking of scenarios where the system favors the buyers and not the sellers.