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FIVERR Support and Responsiveness


Dear fiverr, i have started to lose my patience,

I honestly don’ t understand how your support works.
1st thing i can’t view my opened tickets AT ALL, I spent 15 minutes to you explaining an issue i have with the time extension and there is no ticket issued on that (or i cannot access it from help!) -> It always asks me to open a new ticket VERY ANNOYING.
2nd thing, my problem comes with the order Order #FXXXXXXX.
I deliverd a while ago and feedback from buyer came almost 3 days after (almost to auto closing). I asked for a time extension for 5$ -6 days because things are slow with the client(obviously, starting with the moment i proposed the extension request). Therefore i was expecting to have extra 6 days to work with the client but Fiverr only gave me 3 because it retroactively started from the moment the gig was officially ended (2 or 3 days before requesting extension). -> THAT I DO NOT AGREE! I made this remark again a while ago and your personnel said they fwd-ed to sw team. Same issue again over and over!.

You are not controlling the Seller protection at all.

Are you willing to repair this bug or shall i delete my account after i finalise my orders?
I am losing time with you guys.


Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your message won’t get to Fiverr support unless you do it here:

We’re just buyers and sellers like you. :sunny:


There is really a bug on support ticket. The url they sent on email we received doesnt open our ticket page no more.


Don’t lose your patience. They are working to fix it. Maybe after this schedule maintenance support ticket system will work properly. Just wait and keep patience. :slight_smile:


Maintenance is scheduled, I think you should re-iterate the issue to CS…


You’ve freedom to leave fiverr :smile: