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Fiverr support Cancelled the order and sent me a Warning

Hi Everyone,

I just got up and saw that one of my order has been cancelled by the Fiverr support and as a bonus received a Warning of incomplete delivery which is totally wrong and not correct.

Let me explain to you about the order complete issues.

1- The buyer came to me to redesign with a website which i did.
2- The buyer requested some changes/modifications and i completed in timely manner and delivered
3- His last modification was completed on 21:41 January 31, 2020

The buyer wants me to upload the website without providing me login access to the host. I discussed the multiple solutions with him that how he can upload the site and assured that, i will help him in future in case of any issue

But at the end he went to the support and they even cancel the order and sent me an incomplete delivery warning in bonus.

I contacted to the support regarding the order cancellation he they replied that “we were provided with proof that the order wasn’t delivered accordingly. I can now see that you have asked the buyer for the credentials which they were reluctant to provide and wanted to discuss this with you.”

"I can see that it wasn’t delivered as you didn’t notify the buyer that sharing the personal info is needed. "

In the reply i sent them screenshots where i asked for login details before i start work on the project.

But look what they reply in return

"Note that both your account and the order were thoroughly reviewed prior to any decisions being made.

This being said, sending additional emails will not change any of our decisions, as they are final."

I asked the support why i got the warning and they simply replied “Regarding the warning, as I have advised you in the email below, no further details can be disclosed.”

“no further details regarding the warning can be disclosed.”

Please note that the “website upload on the server” is not included in this gig. All the basic requirements of Buyer were completed successfully initially.

I was doing the “Website upload on host” additionally only to make happy the client as complimentary but originally it’s not even included in the gig or buyer asked to upload it on host after completion of design.

I waited the client from February 01, 2020 but i never get a response, considering the “Site upload” is not included in it, and if the buyer requires any help or he manage the logins he can contact me later, i delivered the order and what i can see the “order has been cancelled” and additionally i received a warning too which is really disappointing thing for me.

If anyone here can give me an expert advice over this matter.


This is Fiverr’s way of saying "just go away, we don’t ever admit to making mistakes."

Sadly, there is nothing you can do here, despite how unjust this situation is. That said you should definetely look to see if your buyer is using the website you created. If they are, you can send proof to Fiverr and ask them to explain why they have given your work away for free and issued you with a warning.

This is the only way to prove without a doubt that CS is in the wrong.

If your website is being used and Fiverr doesn’t want to remedy the situation, you can then at least contact whatever web host your buyer is using (with proof you created their site) to ask that it is removed asap.


Yes! i sent multiple screenshots as proof of work, link of website that i created, completion of revisions screenshots to the support but i still not get any positive feedback.

Here is last text received from the support "Note that both your account and the order were thoroughly reviewed prior to any decisions being made.

This being said, sending additional emails will not change any of our decisions, as they are final."

I even explained them, i received warning on additional work, which is not even discussed. They cancelled the order, sent me a warning.

Are you saying that if you type your buyers domain name into a web browser, it takes you to the website you created?

Was it your “I will design and redesign wix website” gig? or the wordpress one? On the wix one all 3 packages have “content upload” ticked where the help says the seller will “upload… to your website”, and on the wordpress one the standard and premium packages do.

If a gig package did include uploading to their site but they didn’t provide the info, maybe cancelling the gig (maybe through CS if it would help) would have been best if they never provided it, including after asking them for it on the order page. And make the login details, if required, mandatory on the requirements section.

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Than you. Its Related toe WordPress gig. I requested the buyer hosting access before to proceed with order that provide me your hosting but they never did even before and after.

So if they want you to upload it to the site, and it’s a package/gig that allows it, if they don’t provide access it’s safest (to prevent another warning) not to deliver/re-deliver until they do (if ever). ie. either wait for them to or if they still won’t give access info, get the order cancelled, eg. through CS.

This is just wonderful. It’s like someone purchases .PSD source file from me, then tries to edit it in Microsoft Word and I get a warning for “not notifying the buyer that they’d need Adobe Photoshop to edit the .PSD file”.

I’m so sorry about the situation, OP. Some buyers are just clueless about the product they try to purchase and no amount of clarifications, explanations or disclaimers can make us as sellers safe to work with them.


Hello, I’m sorry this happened to you. May I ask what was delivered to the buyer?

Since it wasn’t on the client’s hosting account was it on your own account?

It’s always the case. I have noticed it many times that Fiverr always support buyers and not sellers. And once a decision is made by Fiverr, they don’t modify it whatsoever you do. You always remain silent and shocked when these things happen.

I am sorry this happened happened to you… :frowning:

That’s why what I do is confirm the project requirements before starting the work… Or better if you are sending custom offer, then just put what’s included and you think what the client would think that it is included. E.g: If you are developing website, and uploading is NOT included, then just write it there:
This offer includes of developing website and delivering source code. It however, does NOT include uploading the files on the server.

Fiverr gives you 5000 characters to write in the offer description. Just write as much as you can there, so as to avoid future problems. You can even write in bullet points, so the client can read it and only then order from you.

If the client is a scamster, he probably won’t take much efforts to read it and then order. He would not place the order, and you can get saved from being warned and wasting time for an order which was going to be cancelled anyway.

If the client is serious about the project, he would go through it, and then order, that way, even if there is any issue, you already have the offer description clearly stating what was included and what was not and the delivery files talk for you.

At the end, well, let’s hope for best, Fiverr CS would be in favour of seller and mark the order as complete.

Well, if the client is a scamster and he placed order, and then asks for refund, but Fiverr CS mark the order as complete, you still can’t control what client would write in the review. So, at least you get your money, but it may happen the client can leave a bad review. You can contact CS, but there is very less chance they would remove the review from your profile.

Just hope for the best, and keep working. That’s all what we can do.


You deliver source code only? Many don’t know how to set that up themselves.

Websites need to be complete and installed on the final destination don’t they? I don’t know how it works but if a buyer complains and doesn’t have a working site how does customer support know that they got a site? Customer support can’t look at some code and tell that it’s a site.

I would refuse to do any work until I could get into the client’s hosting site.

It seems like hosting it yourself for at least a couple of months would solve this. I would try to find a way to prevent this from happening again. You could give the client C-Panel access on your own hosting service. I am sure Wix must have a way to make the site on your own account and transfer it to someone else.

I think she developed under her own host and sent them a link to the final website, after she got the order approved she’d then upload it to their host. That’s similar of the approach I take for redesigning websites, but I always make sure to have access to their website first.

That seems like something I’d have done myself if I were in her place and it kinda suck Fiverr would side with someone that’s unwilling to send the info needed to get the order complete.

It’s like me asking someone to fix my washing machine, but not allowing them access to where the machine is.

What I was trying to say is that there must be some other way to sell a site than needing to get information to get into someone’s account to upload it.

Or that could be a separate order. To have the entire sale depend on the client giving the password to their account is much too uncertain.

This is not the first time someone has told the same story of being unable to upload a site to a client’s account for this reason. Anyone selling websites needs to have control from the start of where the site will be loaded to, meaning to their own hosting service hopefully, with a C-Panel access to the client.

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She says it was related to her WordPress gig, and I wouldn’t give someone access to my hosting as there is where all my client’s work are stored, specially someone that hasn’t give access to theirs.

And honestly it just feels like rewarding bad behavior: You haven’t done the bare minimum to complete this order? Don’t worry, let me bend over backwards to come up with a way of trying to do my job, regardless you being completely uncooperative.

I’m sure you must know you can get a hosting account with sub accounts very cheaply? Where you only give a sub hosting account to the client? I would think this would be common knowledge. Anyone making websites should have this service available to clients.

No… That was just an example! Not a real life offer description I have copy and pasted. I just wanted to make a point that keep your offer description very clear so as to avoid future problems… Hope you have got it now?

I was talking about in general terms how to have a website host available to clients. I don’t think the way to go about it is to send them some code.

Yeah, you are right in general terms, but I was clarifying about the offer description point.

In a shared host, which id the only kind you can get for cheap, once you have access to the server, then you have access to the server. You can even get access to one’s server by uploading a malicious file, which is quite common with hacked theme/plugins.

The setup I have is a lot more robust, secure than what you described, and definitely not cheap, and I would still not give a client access to it.

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I never had one problem with it when I did it for my clients. I had at least 50 clients each with their own C-Panel. I was the only one with server access. I’m surprised anyone making websites doesn’t do this.

If you guys make sites for people and think you should be able to depend on your clients to always send you a password to their hosting accounts you seem like you are naturally going to run into problems.