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Fiverr support Cancelled the order and sent me a Warning

With all due respect it doesn’t seem you fully understand how things work server side

Hmmm, yes, we should. It’s like saying someone that does logos shouldn’t depend on their buyers telling their brand/business, or a writer shouldn’t depend on a topic, etc.

All of those are basic requirements and should be provided by the buyer.

I have never run into this particular problem, but telling someone that fundamentally didn’t do anything wrong and yet got an order cancelled an a warning, that she should have gone through extra work just to satisfy an uncooperative buyers is bogus imho.


It’s no extra work. You just make it on their own little C-Panel hosting site. I owned a hosting service. I know how it works. I sold websites also. I’m not sure you understand what I was saying. I’m a little surprised. I would show you an example of what I’m talking about but I can’t post a site like that here but you should know what I mean. It’s not an unusual thing.

No one hacked into the server I was running.

I’m trying to help but getting nowhere.

When I sold websites I included a few months of free hosting on their own domain and their own hosting, a hosting service I ran myself. I had root access to the server. They only had access to their C Panel account. I never had to depend on someone to tell me their password that way. If they wanted to migrate their new site to their own hosting site it was up to them.

Thank you, My issue has been resolved, the fiverr support removed the warning and refunded me $120 (Half amount of original order)
Much relaxed now.


It is really disappointing, all we can do just work here without safety.

Excellent, can you share how could you resolve the situation?

Thank you, i explained them what was the problem and given them the valid proof of work which i did with links and screenshots.

First they rejected everything as i explained above but i tried again and again and once of the fiverr representative helped me alot and reviewed the case again and removed the warning and refund the half amount of the project.

What you need is to make your case strong with valid proof and reasoning.


Thanks for sharing, these are the pathetic threat while working in Fiverr, But the good thing is at last,Fiverr heard from you and understood the situation of a seller.

Yes! Thank you. I have given them proof of work and they even removed the warning and companste the $120 (which is half amount of project) in my account.

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I have faced the same situation twice as you mentioned, but Fiverr always take decision on favor of a buyer not seller. First I also contacted fiver support center and informed them about the loop hole by which always the buyer get benefited and taking the service without spending, but it was in vain, so I came to know it depends upon the buyer if a buyer wants to cancel the order even if he gets what he wants from the seller he can cancel the order, and you will not be asked once that dear seller, Do you have something to say? before we cancel the order, never.