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Fiverr Support changed a customer's review without my permission

A customer originally was happy with their order 18 days ago and left 5-stars. Great!
Now I log in and this buyer changes their review - WITHOUT my permission through Fiverr Support.
I thought the ONLY way to change a review was through the Resolve button?

I’m making this topic to let Fiverr Support members know that through MY understanding, all review modifications need to be made through the Resolve button.

I’m so angry right now. This buyer sent me a TON of messages and I tried my best to respond to as many as possible. I could only answer so many and they leave a review saying I did not respond to them. WOW.

Some of these buyer frustrate me so much it’s insane.


Occupational hazard, don’t worry about it too much.

It just sucks, I emailed Fiverr Support and showed them that I was nothing but respectful to the buyer. Just ridiculous that some people are like this.


This literally scares me right now - I was so happy that buyers couldn’t change their reviews anymore, and now this happens? :frowning:


Support can’t/won’t change the review, but they can remove it, and then the buyer can leave a new one.


Isn’t this the same as changing it since they are basically allowing asking the buyer to leave a new review in place of the old one? Still, I don’t see why CS would remove a good buyer rating…


You could reply to the review if what is said is not accurate, giving an accurate account of things.

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Technically not the same…

There can be valid reasons for that. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but look at all the buyers complaining that they left a 5 star review because they thought they had to, even though the work wasn’t delivered.

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I just got demoted to level 1.

Did they give a reason?

Anyways I’m going off to bed, it’s not worth losing my account over 1 buyer.
I emailed Fiverr support to let them know that I did my best and I apologize for anything that had occurred.

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You noted that you were “so angry right now”. Did you take any of that anger out on CS? It seems odd that you would be demoted to level 1 for this, unless you happened to lose your cool when communicating with CS. :neutral_face:

Not at all, I’m smarter than that. I just sent them a polite email and let them know.
The buyer reported me an hour ago so that’s probably why I got demoted. Because as you know, “the customer is allllways right” :slight_smile:

You will get used to it eventually :slight_smile:

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Ah. Well… that sucks. I’m glad you kept your cool with CS, and equally sad to hear of the customer-driven level demotion.


I’m one of the best Psychics on this website, her loss that I won’t be working with her anymore.

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You didn’t offer a service as long as they gave a certain amount of stars or anything?

I like your confidence. I can’t speak to your skills as a psychic (I don’t believe in the craft myself), but you’re right, bridges were burned. Her loss. It’s always best to be the one walking the high road. :slight_smile:

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The buyer doesn’t need YOUR permission to change THIER review. That is just entitled thinking.

Well, it’s quite sad to see your profile with level 1 badge due to a one client report they can’t drain all of your efforts you have made on this platform. Total unjustice