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Fiverr Support changed a customer's review without my permission

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Yeah, why in the world does she have a Level 1 badge? She has over 1500 5-star reviews…

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It’s not entitled thinking, you just haven’t been here long enough to remember the way things were and how Fiverr changed the rules. :slightly_smiling_face: A while ago, buyers could change their reviews whenever they wanted, and some of them abused that in order to blackmail sellers (plus, some sellers kept begging buyers to change their reviews so they wouldn’t ruin their ratings, regardless of the actual quality of the work they delivered). Fiverr decided to change that, so, the only way for the buyer to change the review is if the seller sends a request through the Resolution Center (or if the buyer asks CS to remove the review).


How are reviewers supposed to review things that can take “up to 3 months to manifest” when the buyer only has up to 30 days to leave a review?

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It is strictly forbidden to offer a service that takes more than 30 days to complete.

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So what about spells that take >a month to manifest (eg. “up to 3 months to manifest”)?

I can understand the way it was in the day, and how it might be exploited. I am just saying that I still don’t think anyone would need “permission” by the seller to change their review. How fair would it be if a customer realized later that they were sold a lemon, they go to change their review, and then was told: “no, I won’t allow you to change your review and post your thoughts because it might affect how people view me.”

It’s like when Amazon sellers delete the negative reviews, it just seems rather entitled to me.

This only make us stand on our toes

I guess that she meant it shouldn’t have been technically possible.

I doubt that it’s allowed (perhaps the reason for demotion?).

I’m pleased that this has happened to you as I have been wondering for over a month how a customer managed to get their order canceled without filing a charge back or be agreeing to it. (Obviously, i’m not happy really).

In my case, I blocked the buyer from messaging after telling them not to order after spamming me with something like 14 - 17 messages. Then they ordered and then as soon as I delivered asked that I cancel the order because they weren’t happy. I refused to do this out of principle. About a week later, however, the order appeared as canceled and the funds returned to the buyer without any kind of communication.

It was only $8, however, if buyers can cancel or change their reviews whenever they want, this is going to be hugely detrimental for sellers.

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Jesus, this is scary. It’s more than that actually. How can any company think it even commonsensical to behave this way? I can understand if a buyer complains about a service like logo creation if a logo is later discovered to have been plagiarized. - But a psychic having a customer first change a positive review to a negative review and then complain enough to have an account level reduced?

What if someone orders a sales copy which doesn’t convert because their basic web marketing and website design is appalling in the first place? The entire attitude of Fiverr towards it’s doers seems to stink more by the day. What’s more, with so many successful sellers getting taken down., ‘we don’t know the full circumstances’ simply doesn’t cut it any more.


She probably got it reduced because according to her client, she broke TOS by manipulating the rating system by bribing for good reviews. She said she" Was offered telepathy or something if I gave five stars."

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With due respect, the review says that you asked for 5 stars from the seller. If that is so, it is a clear violation of the fiverr TOS and I afraid if the buyer reported that it can do you even a more harm.

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Better approach is to look into the other side of the image as well by checking the buyer reivew

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post removed by author as it could upset people

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The buyer who left the negative review has ordered from at least 3 other psychics on Fiverr and left 5 star reviews with them. Doesn’t that suggest she isn’t against psychics?

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Not if she has those reviews removed so that she can change them before her 30 days are up. :confused:


Look. When people resort to trying to pick apart what a seller has done wrong in a case like this, all they are doing is engaging in completely illogical, amphitheatrical mob behavior.

If a buyer leaves you what you feel is an unjust review, you have to use the resolution center to attempt to negotiate with them to change this. In like regard, I’ve had buyers apologize for accidentally leaving 4.4 stars instead of 5 who have had to change a review the same way.

The issue here is that any buyer has the power to give their version of events to Fiverr and have their wishes acquiesced to without any attempt on Fivers part to communicate with the seller and ask them what happened.

Because this has happened with a psychic is just mad. Maybe Psychic Bunny can post message contents here to show how she apparently tried to subvert the review process, that is up to her.

In reality, however, what kind of person thinks ‘oh I might get some free telepathy if I leave a 5-star review. Oh darn, I don’t have telepathy, I best complain?’


I call it kicking someone when they are down. Shameful behavior. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself, especially in their moment of weakness - advice applies to everyone here.


Feedback will only be removed if it violates Fiverr TOS, and includes false information or is abusive towards the seller. If it is specific and clearly does this, then you can try to report to CS. But Feedback is taken very seriously on Fiverr, and CS only wants to remove what truly, clearly indicates falsification and/or abuse directly… so if it is too vague of a comment, or just negative review, then it may not qualify for feedback removal. As for your account being demoted, it seems you may have violated TOS?