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Fiverr Support changed a customer's review without my permission

If someone bought writing from you and later decided to try and get a refund by saying whatever they wanted, would you be happy? Reading a buyers review and taking it as gospel truth is not calling out a fact. - Especially if that buyer had previously left a 5-star review and cites their reason for changing it a lack of extra delivered telepathy. This is just odd, very odd.

This issue is not with the buyer or the seller. This issue is that this matter was not addressed by Fiverr fairly. If it had, the OP would have received notice from Fiverr that there had been a complaint and asked for their feedback or at least to answer an accusation. They weren’t. And clearly, having 1654+ reviews as opposed to 6 negative reviews is enough for Fiverr to take the word of someone who joined Fiverr less than a month ago the benefit of the doubt and take a seller back a level.

There is no sense in that. What’s more when you don’t objectify the facts, when you use profanity to reply to me, and when you cite a post which I removed almost instantly and was very honest about why I did so, you do reduce yourself to the level of someone baying in a hysterical mob.

Let’s just hope that when something like this happens to you, there is plenty of popcorn flowing.


Once I get Fiverr to punish me for breaking TOS, I’ll pop the popcorn myself. Although i am sure you will be there to defend my right to break TOS. And also, learn what “swearing” entails.

I’m done with this argument.

I want to fight this so bad but I’m totally going to get suspended if I make a complaint so I just have to deal with this BS review forever :slight_smile: